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Last Update: May 28, 2014

It often happens that some of us do not have budget to invest in software, a book in digital format, etc.. And it's true we have to pay monthly for WA, for Jaaaxy, perhaps some plugin, well many things, not to mention other normal household expenses. We support all that weight while walking a tightrope which we are sure will lead to success. That's why we're here.

Wealthy Affiliate center for software downloads.

Sometimes we have in the computer resources we use at some point, and since then we have not reused, V.G. books, applications, themes, specialized articles. In my case, I bought the theme Catch Everest and have only made use of it twice, however in my contract says I can use it many times, I do not remember how many.

So I wonder if it was not good that I should make this resource available to the community, so that any member, whether premium or not, who were in need of a resource like that could use it, I could donate for a certain number of downloads x . Same with a book in digital format. It is clear to donate, not sell.

And I also wonder: What would happen if everyone who can, do the same?

Wealthy Affiliate is an Online Marketing University, all colleges should have a bibliographic and media fund, it is true, here we all contribute our bit to this fund through our blogs, training, etc.; but would not be it helpful for everyone to have a library?

I do not know if I'm saying something that may sound transgressive, if so my apologies in advance; but I feel it would be quite good for everyone, especially for those who are starting in this career to have on this site a section where one can see some text, be it a book or an article, or can download an application, which would prevent us spending. I personally do not need this, want that to be clear, I left the university where he worked which is a member of Laureate International Universities and authorities do me the favor to keep my access to the information center, one of the largest data bases in the world.

Yesterday someone posted a blog here where lamented having to leave the community due to lack of resources even to pay a professional theme for her site.

There is an objective situation, I'm sure there will be many willing and able to contribute something to Wealthy Affiliate media center master

Do you agree with this idea or not? Could you please explain?

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JennPGD Premium
It's a good idea Alexisnilo - re: swaping, sharing what we have purchased. But I'm not sure the developer/marketer/seller would be happy we do that.

For instance, if you were selling an ebook (or software etc) and you only earn your income when people buy your ebook. But what if someone started to share the ebook with other people (e.g. to the WA community) whilst these would have been your income to pay the next bill if the people liked your ebook and bought it? Here, you would lose your income, you see. But of course it's a different story when you hand the ebook out as a free gift!
That's my opinion. :)

alexisnilo Premium
You are right, I don't mean to harm anybody's income.
arick Premium
alexisnilo Premium
Thank you Arick. Have a nice day.
burnzy Premium
I think its a great idea. anytime you can give someone an opportunity to free information its a good thing. WA has a ton of free info that ,for me anyway, helped me decide if i wanted to go premium and to pay for more info. I think a lot of people here at WA would contribute as they are the most giving community I have ever seen.
Have a great day!
alexisnilo Premium
Yes I agree with you, anyway we humans are used to go beyond the limits, aren't we?
Ad3y Premium
Like a swap shop? Sounds good.
alexisnilo Premium
Yes, that could be a very valuable way of interaction in which everyone would be winning.
heavenchi73 Premium
Hi, that would be a good idea, anything that helps anyone can only be a good thing.The only thing i will add is i think there is plenty here for free and you could still make it so to speak and then go for embellishments when the revenue starts kicking in?