The Forgotten Basics To Success

Last Update: April 16, 2016

We have seen a lot of all the info-graphics on 10 steps to this and that and 10 keys to success and so on. They tend to generate a lot of attention and some of them even go viral on social media platforms.

We often look for tips to this and that on the internet. We buy a lot of books and try to figure out the best way to achieve our goals and successes. Some of us even try to attend seminar after seminar and enroll in countless courses. I have been there and I know how motivated the courses were.

Very often, we tend to forget the basics to success. Once you have mastered the basics, all the good things will follow. The basics are:-

  • Learn
  • Take Action
  • Persistence
  • Patience

Take care of the basics first and you will have more control over the results of your actions.

Have a good weekend WA-ers.


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matofarides Premium
That.One.Exactly! Thanks Alex :)
AlexCY Premium
No worries :)
theresroth Premium
Thank you, Alex!
How right you are.....
AlexCY Premium
No problem at all :)
ThomasTay Premium
Most of us tends to be hungry for learning and there is perception in this world that you need to constantly learning new things, thus everyone eager to grasp anything to learn. But, it may waste our times by learning things that are repeating or irrelevant. Your advise of basis learning is good advise to all of us.
AlexCY Premium
I am glad it helps :)
LizHennessy Premium
SO true! I am guilty of going here there and everywhere in the past, but simplicity is often the key ingredient to success.
AlexCY Premium
Indeed, simplicity is often the key element to success. Very well said.
BooBish Premium
I find the 50/50 rule of learning/taking action recommended by Jay in a video to be a good rule of thumb too.