Success without Haters

Last Update: June 02, 2016

Do you know why some people don't reach their goals? One of the reasons is they listen to other people. Some people fail because they lack belief, confidence, and certainty in themselves, and in the process, and in their business. Along the way, there are negative people who try their very best to destroy your dreams.

We are all surrounded by negative people. They don’t help you. They don’t make you stronger. Their number one goal is to kill your motivation and shut you down.

As I move forward, I receive a lot of negative comments and messages from people such as “it’s impossible for you to succeed”, “it is not a realistic goal”, “only a few people can do it, and you are not one of them”, etc.

Negative energy tends to wear you out, takes the fun out of life, and kills all your dreams before they’re even given a chance. Sometimes, I was emotionally disturbed and wondered if I made a wrong choice.

I remember there was an article by Professor Nass saying that “negative emotions generally involve more thinking, and the information is processed more thoroughly than positive ones. Thus, we tend to ruminate more about unpleasant events and use stronger words to describe them — than happy ones.” That’s why we tend to focus and believe the negative words from other people.

If you are not strong enough to protect your dreams and believe in yourself, you will be destroyed. We can’t afford to waste our energy on people and things that don’t improve our lives. We need every last bit of energy and hope we can gather in order to be successful.

It’s ok for haters to exist, it’s not ok for them to affect your life!

To all WA-ers, haters gonna hate no matter what you do. Take care and control the type of energy you let into your life!

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Tezsie Premium
You hit the nail in the head.
GabriellaK Premium
Hi Alex, great description of this phanomenon and very true ! Thank you!
Dreamer56 Premium
Great post Alex Professor Nass was very insightful.
DBlanchard Premium
Great inspiring blog! So true. Thanks for the reminder :-)
JudeP Premium
Taking control is of the utmost importance, thanks for sharing this :)