Last Update: February 15, 2014

Today was a challenging day.

Ever spent a great amount of time trying to do something?

Tried and tried and tried til tried turned to tired tired tired?

Well, today was one of those days.

Seemed like a wasted a day because I am in a similar position to when I started.

Frustrated but I think it was time well spent.

You might try something and it doesn't work but it should not stop you. You must keep going. One thing I realised is that I learnt and was reminded that there will be days like this. Not every day will be as fruitful. What is a good day without a bad day?

After all bad days can make the good days even better!

Obstacles are made to make you stronger and no matter how hard it may seem. You will overcome it.

Don't Give Up.

Tomorrow may be greater!

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Crystal2010 Premium
So true
Profmiss Premium
A positive attitude is always great to have Alex. Always keep yours & thanks for reminding the rest of us to always keep our chins up. And wonderful comments by Brenda, teacup and Wayne -WWW :)
yancbren Premium
Good and happy days ahead. A bad day just makes the good day that much better.
teacup Premium
No day is wasted. If you were not successful in figuring out what works then you were successful in learning what doesn't work. Remember Thomas Edison and the light bulb? I am sure that he was tired of trying too before he became successful. I am so glad that he didn't quit.
Wayne Wallace Premium
A mentor of mine says "Don't quit on a bad day" you will have a good day again and be glad you didn't quit on that bad day.
Alex24 Premium
Yup so true. When you reach the goal that the hurdle was in, it feels 10x better than if it was like 1 2 3.