YouTube Milestones and Starter Tips

Last Update: May 14, 2019

Hello WA Friends

I am so behind my WA SAC blogging - I've been busy doing many other things, but of course, excuses are only that...excuses. So, I'll try to make up for the lost time in the next few days.


Honestly, I could spend the whole day on YT (and, noooo, no I have not been doing that, promise).

There is so much to see and learn there.

This, of course is not news to me, but now, that I count myself as one of the YT Creators (yeeey) I'm taking a renewed interest in this platform.


I've been actively uploading videos in connection with my blog for the past month (or so) and as of today I have:

32 Uploaded videos

30 Subscribers (a big Thank You to Christina CLD111 who is my 30th subscriber!)


Of, course, in comparison to the big channels, these numbers are super-small, but I'm happy it's all going in the right direction.

If you'd like to subscribe to my YT channel, head over to my profile Follow Me On and the link is there. Thank you :)

Tiffany Domena (TDomena), inspired me to start uploading videos - Thank You so much for that.

I also try to upload daily. It's not always easy or possible, but I try to do stick to that schedule.

Uploading daily might sound like a lot, but I think, in the beginning, it's important to create a body of content and also to gather the experience of just talking into the camera.

I am learning how to express myself without too many umms and aams, and (very) slowly(!) things are improving.

Of course, one can always edit these out, but I try to save time on editing (for now) and do my videos mostly in one take.

Lots of Work Ahead

If you've watched any of my videos, you'll see that the lighting is not great, nor that the sound quality is perfect.

I do think I need to fix this soonish, but I'm not stressing about it too much.

These exact things have stopped me from making videos in the past year, and when I think how many more videos I could have had by now, I wish I didn't get so hung up on the stuff that doesn't matter.

At least, it does not matter at the very beginning.

Have You Started Your YT Channel Yet?

Congratulations if you have, and hope you will start it soon if you haven't.

My advice would be just to do it. Even if your video is only a couple of minutes long, that is a couple of minutes longer than when you had 0 minutes.

Also, don't worry about all the extras. I've only started uploading thumbnails to my videos last week.

Tags as well.

Cards - did it only for one of the videos.

Sharing videos on Twitter - haven't started as yet.

End screen - End what???


Why am I sharing this?

Not just to show you there is a lot to do on YT (which you already know), but that it's not a paramount you do it all immediately.

It's easy to get overwhelmed with all the details one needs to do either on a blog or YT video.

So, to do it at all in the end, some tasks just have to wait right now. Or at least that is how I approach it.


Creating these 32 videos has been a great fun and a learning curve I've enjoyed going through.

Here's to the next 32 videos and the next 30 subscribers!

Thank you for stopping by :)

Have a great day/evening!

Alenka :)

If you haven't started your YT Channel as yet - what is your biggest concern that's stopping you from recording/fiming that first video?

If you have a YT Channel, is there a tip you could share with us, please? Thanks! :)

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Zarina Premium
Tiffany definitely does inspire WA'ers to get into YouTube! I'll get there soon too haha.

Congrats on your achievements, Alenka! Celebrate every victory no matter how small they are right now. As they say a long journey starts with the first step :))
TDenise Premium
Thanks Zarina for the shout out!
Zarina Premium
AlenkaV Premium
Thank you :)
AlexEvans Premium
That is awesome Alenka, so many opportunities out there thank you for sharing. The big take home is to start we do not have to be best all it takes is starting in the first place.
AlenkaV Premium
Yes, I really think that. And, anyway, many times when we start something, we realize we are actually ok and not as bad as we thought. :)
TDenise Premium
Great job Alenka! I know the numbers always seem so small when we're starting out, but I'm sure if you stay on course many people will be magnetized to your strength.

It's like saving money, losing weight, stopping an addiction, or any other character-building journey--it's one penny then two then three. Before you know it, you have $1, then $10, then $1 million (or more) if you maintain the habit long enough.

If you can handle this journey of compounding, other similar ones will seem much easier. Business takes time, but it's good when you can look at where you are and notice the increasing progress. You may have 32 subs now, but next month you won't if you just keep going.

Another neat thing is how people you don't even know are impacted by things you do. Sometimes, I get bummed about my results, then out of the woodwork, someone whose been impacted by me, will reach out and say something that encourages me and makes it all worthwhile.

You're doing a great job persisting past all of the obstacles you have going on. When I recall your entire story, I'm very impressed with your accomplishments. You should be too.
AlenkaV Premium
Thank you, Tiffany :)

Nothing else to do but to work hard and persevere!

ColleenLVSJC Premium
Congrats, Alenka! Sounds like you're having fun with this. After watching Jay's training, I created a YT channel, but have not yet had a chance to go beyond that. I expect to work on it some next week. I have checked out You Tube Buddy after someone here wrote a post about how helpful it is. And I also watched another member do his first YT Live video. He had fun doing it and had people show up and participate in chat. If others can do it, I can do it. So I figured it's time for me to get busy. :) Thanks for the inspirational post.

Continued success to you!
AlenkaV Premium
Yes, it is great fun!

Hope to see you there soon :)
FKelso Premium
I think I can overcome my camera fear, but I already have so much going on that adding a YT channel seems like more than I have time for. My two websites are keeping me busy, plus I am in the process of learning how to make rich pins for pinterest. I am impressed that you have produced so many already. Keep up the good work.
AlenkaV Premium
Thank you!
Well, I found the time, because I kind of gave up on Pinterest heheh
Pinterest is amazing for traffic, but my goodness, they couldn't have made it more complicated if they tried!.

However, I shall be getting back into the Pinterest game as soon as I create some content that could actually attract Pinterest visitors.

Also, I find the YT a lot more straight forward and all in all enjoy it much more.

Good luck with all your SAC tasks. :)