Why A Heart Will Help Your Website Go Viral

Last Update: February 14, 2019

*Why a heart will help your website go viral in the era of Social Media*

Hello WAers!

First of all, Happy Saint Valentine's Day!

I'll make this blog short as you might have a long list of blogs to read today, sharing love and good wishes from your family and friends.

Just a quick note to tell you about the importance of getting "love" in a shape of a heart on Facebook.

If you share your content on a Facebook page to reach your target client as a strategy to share your content on Social Media and get more traffic to your website, getting one, two or more likes will be not the way to reach more people.

You need "LOVE", yes that's it, the way to reach more people on Facebook and tel Facebook that people love your page and people be interested to read more from you is to get as many hearts as your content can get.

Facebook reads the reaction of the people who reads your page content and give a mark to it:

Likes get just 1 point

Hearts get 2 points

Smiles also get 2 points.

Focus your strategy to drive more people to read your articles by asking them to give you more love in a shape of a "heart" (or many hearts as they can)

If your Facebook posts start to get more hearts and smiles, Facebook will see people love your page and it will open the doors so you can reach more people interested to read you and visit your website.

The more you know who is your target client, the more you can understand what problem they have and how you can help them to live better.

Your client will love you and they will be willing to give you not one heart but many!

Keep at it, it will get better!

If you have any good tip that will help us to grow our online business, today is a good day to share it, write a blog!

Now, it's time to give me some love here at Wealthy Affiliate: LIKE, comment and share this blog!

Have a great day!

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Babou3 Premium
Great advices!
Love is always the right solution.

AlejandraB Premium
True, love is the best solutions always!
Let me know how it works for your website Ingrid.

gohealthy Premium
Hey Ale,
Thanks for sharing this info.
Great day to you too! ❤❤❤
Fleeky Premium
BobRoman Premium
All you need is LOVE!

Thanks a lot for sharing!

Happy Valentine’s!
laparra1 Premium
Good afternoon Alejandra,

Are you doing something special today?
My better half is very sweet today, but actually, he is nearly always sweet. What would we do without them?
Have a nice St. Valentine.

Greetings from the south of Spain, Taetske
AlejandraB Premium
Good afternoon Taetske,

I have a busy week at work, as I'm baby sitting the 3 boys (9 years old) as their parents are on vacations.

I come back this morning at home as the boys are in school and I found my husband got me a box of chocolate!!!

So I will cook a good dinner for us!

Good to know you're having a good day, and your better half is sweek today and always, that's the best way to enjoy life!

Have a nice St. Valentine's day!
Feliz dia de San Valentin para ustedes dos!

Saludos desde el sur de Quebec.