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Last Update: April 12, 2018

Hello everyone!

My first idea to work on the internet was with to work on my passion (hobby) the art of making quilts.

I never quit, I've been working on it hoping to make it big for many years with no great results, but as I said I won't quit until I can make it happen!

the first day I signed up to Wealthy Affiliate I've been learning all kind of skill to help me to build up my online business.

At the moment I'm working with four websites:

  • One to promote Wealthy Affiliate
  • One niche site
  • One about quilts in English
  • One about quilts in Spanish

Today I will tell you what I'm working on with my two websites about making quilts.

I have been working on these two sites off and on, sometimes I think it might be better to forget about this idea and just focus on my other two websites.

One day I told myself -where is the money? focus where the money is!

It's true when you love something it's hard to quit doing it. So I kept learning more here at WA about what to do to reach success with a website and work from home.

The last past weeks I started to work on a new post for my websites, same content but I publish on each one the same day just on different language.

My numbers on both websites were so low and it was a pain to look at them every single day - but I don't quit!!!

I kept at it,

I question myself what people who love the art of making quilts wants to read or to find on the internet.

OK - tutorials - videos - how to.

I worked on 3 or 4 tutorials with videos and I made the blog post for my websites with a video for each blog post on each website.

-MY NUMBERS KEPT SO LOW :( (but I don't quit)

Last week, I worked on a new blog post and a new video (only in Spanish) and I published on my two websites and on YouTube.

Then I watch a webinar to learn more about Pinterest and I work to update my Pins.

Yesterday morning as I always do first thing - check my numbers

Oh my! my quilt site in English went from 2 to 5 visits per day to over 100 visits!!!

I couldn't believe what I was seen!! So I went to check my quilt site in Spanish.

Ha ha-ha this site went also from 4 to 10 visits for day to more than 150 visits!!!


So I went to YouTube and this video was still doing slow, so I went to check on Pinterest and my pins were doing better.

This morning my numbers were even better.

My quilts site in English got over 170 visits per day and the one in Spanish got over 200 visits per day!!

Pinterest is doing good.

YouTube is doing better and I got my first comment telling me this person finds my quilting tutorial really good!!

Well, it looks like all what I've been learning here at WA and all the hard work day after day on my websites is starting to work.

I will keep an eye on how my numbers keep doing and I will keep working on new tutorials to share to create my followers and loyal readers.

As a second step I will keep working to monetize those two blogs, as my numbers at Amazon are still low but I hope this will change for good soon.


I wanted to share this "feeling great" moment with all of you, and let you know that Wealthy Affiliate training works, all we all need to do it's to keep at it and work every day to build up our sites.

I'm happy today, and I will keep at it.


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suzzziq Premium
Wonderful, Alejandra! Congratulations:)
hakemp001 Premium
Congratulations, we all need a little bit of your enthusiasm and inspiraton...

Thank you!
AlejandraB Premium
I thank you also, :)
Joy3 Premium
Inspiring. I need to do more training. Thanks
HeidiY Premium
Well done to you, I love to read about people persevering, it does indeed give me hope for my little burgeoning site.
AlejandraB Premium
Yes Heidi, keep at it, and most of all keep at the WA training, your website will do better soon.
TeamIceCream Premium
Wow Alejandra - we are excited with you, that is awesome! We'll eat some extra ice cream to celebrate with you! ;-) LOL!
Sharlee (Chocolate IceCream)
AlejandraB Premium
Thanks so much, and I would love some chocolate ice cream too :)
bryanb007 Premium
Well done Alejandra, Keep it up. I have Pinterest but never use it. Time to re-evaluate yet another social media platform.

Great Stuff.
Happy2Learn Premium
We'll done. I am very proud of you. Write these numbers down on a spread sheet so you can look back at them and see how far you have come.
Don't forget to add links to any products mentioned in the video no matter how "basic" they are - yes even the pins and scissors. You never know what items will make the difference.
We'll done again
AlejandraB Premium
Hi, thanks,
Yes, I'm working now to create a new blog post and check how it will make, I'm also adding a link to a page where I share the links to amazon as Kyle suggest, my numbers on amazon are still low.
I'll keep at it and I will share the results as soon as I start making some money from this website.
Keep at it.
LisaY Premium
Hi Alejandra,

Congratulations! It sounds like your sites are really taking off. That is great news! At the beginning of your post you said "I question myself what people who love the art of making quilts wants to read or to find on the internet." Are you using Jaaxy? You can probably find a lot of great keywords people who love quilting are looking for.

AlejandraB Premium
Hi Lisa,
This time I didn't use Jaaxy, but I followed what Kyle says on the training, go with what people want to know on that particular niche.
I must say the title of this blog post was just a regular "title", but looks like is doing good, it's on page 2 on Google.
I will publish a new blog post similar to this good and I will share the results as soon as I get them with all you,
Keep at it.
LisaY Premium
Page 2 on Google is great! Congratulations!
That is awesome to hear!
lynnsam61 Premium
That's great! Keep at it since it seems to be working:)
ValerieJoy Premium
You are doing so well, Alejandra. Thanks for sharing :)
Internetgranny Premium
Thanks for sharing your good news and what you have found! I am very happy for you.
MiaL Premium
That’s wonderful. Very inspiring!
sdawson Premium
This is awesome Alexjandra, you are really starting to build up steam. - shirley
heljam404A Premium
laparra1 Premium
Alejandra, fantastico and Felicidades.

Tu amiga del Sur de España, Taetske
Foxhenley Premium
Congratulations on the good numbers! Thank you for sharing them!
I wish you success in all areas of your life!
pitofly Premium
That's why we never give up. :) Way to go!!!
Thanks for sharing!
marmar463 Premium
Great post and congratulations I am so happy for you. My numbers are low too but I don't know about the site because it is about pets and I work on it every day and I am going through the training again to pick up on what I missed. I am not giving up by a long shot because that is not an option for me.

DianneBee Premium
Fantastic Alejandra! And more to come!
JillAlexaVA Premium
Hi Alejandra,So happy for you that your sites getting so many visits. All the best, Jill
PatsyC Premium
I'm so happy for you Alejandra!

That's an amazing turnaround and it can only get better!
You have a lot of work going on, so it was bound to pick up.

Thanks for sharing, you are an inspiration :D
StPaul Premium
Wow that's great happy for you. All the very best and keep rocking. Thanks for sharing!