The Joy of Giving Birth: Success

Last Update: June 29, 2017

As you know already from my bio I have three kids…when I think of my first experience being blessed to bring a precious jewel to life, am full of gratitude. But when I think of all I had to go through… I wonder why number 2 and 3?

When I was in labour with my third child, I was not sure if I was on planet earth or somewhere in between. But what was amazingly beautiful was I stood the test of time and brought a precious life to earth.

The first three months for me for each pregnancy… comes joy, laughter, can’t wait to share the good news with the whole wide world.

Six to nine months comes swollen feet, backaches, massive body change, pain. You start to count down, the days are slow, the nights are long.

Days… turns to weeks… weeks to months… you get up each day and you keep moving, you keep going. You never give up. No short cut…

In the process you learn, you gain skills, you gain experience and you keep going.

Finally, the amazing day … the baby comes knocking and you push… and push like you have never pushed before with all your strength and might. You don’t have time to think…you just goooo…

Finally SUCCESS. You have your bundle of Joy.

Same goes with Success… there are no shortcuts, we need to just keep going. When you feel the pressure and you want to quit…that is when you keep pushing.

Hang in there, success is on its way…you might just be in the Pregnancy stage, but remember you cannot be pregnant forever.

Get ready, you are about to give birth… to success… Congratulations.

Be Inspired

Lots of Love and Success


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pablocortina Premium
I was an obstetrician for many years. I like the baby comparison
AishaLabefo Premium
Nice... am glad you get the message.

Thank you.
DebbieRose Premium
Great analogy. Thanks for the encouragement. Debbie
AishaLabefo Premium
Thank you...really appreciate. And thanks for reaching out.
TheDummyOfWA Premium
WOW!! Awesome post! :) and great analogy!! How true!
AishaLabefo Premium
Thank you Terry...
accad Premium
I have a mathematics about birth, 1-1=2. This is a success.
AishaLabefo Premium
Nice one Jimmy. Thanks.
MKearns Premium
Everything takes effort Aisha. Bringing joy and innocence into the world is about the greatest reward!
AishaLabefo Premium
So true...thanks for the input.