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I've recently come to the realization that the more active you are within the WA community, the higher your rank becomes. I am currently at Rank 213. I hope to make it into the Top 200 this weekend. Now, I understand that a higher rank has no monetary benefit, nor does it have a direct correlation to my success (or lack thereof).

What it does do, however, is give me a sense of accomplishment. My rank shows that I have been engaging in the community, that I have contributed by answering questions, and that I have earned my rank.

Everyday I get up and I am grateful for the next 24 hours that I can spend anyway I like.
Gratitiude is happiness. Happiness is motivating. I am motivated to be in the Top 200. I may even motivate myself to be in the Top 100 or the Top 50. All I know is that I am grateful that my efforts are rewarded in the WA community. It may only be a number but it's important to me.

What's the secret to my motivation?

Everyday I think of 3 positive outcomes of achieving a higher rank. I think about what I'm planning to accomplish today. I don’t worry about what I think is holding me back from accomplishing it. Instead, I focus on the positive things that will happen once I get it done.

For example:

1) I’ll learn something useful.
2) I’ll make myself and the community proud of what I accomplished.
3) I’ll get closer to achieving a higher rank so I can be an ambassador.

I make sure I focus on the 3 most important outcomes.

What motivates you?

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Very good Amy. I love your blog. Being a part of WA has made me very happy. I don't care what rank I get. I don't care about making money yet. I want to learn and I want others to learn. If I can encourage anyone along, that makes me happy. I think that's a good motivator. I have really enjoyed being here and meeting so many wonderful people. I never used to be this way until I came here. It makes me happy to see other people succeed and if I can help in any way, I will do so.

I feel very much like you do...I was never really motivated to succeed at anything until I came to WA and found the support, resources and wonderful community that has my back. I absolutely love the pay it forward aspect of WA.

You and me both, my dear friend!!! Keep up with the good work! You are fantastic!!!

Hey there! This is great motivation. I don't really pay attention to my ranking, it's kind of just there, but then I noticed the other day that I dropped down in the 500's. I wasn't expecting that.

I think I just made it a point to look at the daily blogs and comment, reach out to new members, and congratulate people on their success.

Thanks for sharing your goals with us and being a valuable part of this community. It definitely shows. You reached out to me the other day and I was happy for that. So thank you.

Keep doing what you are doing, you'll get there soon and maybe even ambassador before you know it.

Thank you so much for your kind words. I truly enjoy being a part of this community and it gives me great pleasure to be able to share my goals and accomplishments with everyone. 🎉

My motivation is building my site and get it to page one on Google. To get to rank at 200 at WA and to be accepted in Kyles special training in April. I definitely would set my goals on a regular basis. Thank you.

Goal setting is an important step on the way to success!

Thinking of 3 positive outcomes for any goal is a worthwhile idea. I do watch my rank but have learned not to be managed by my rank. In other words, it is very important to interact with the community, I believe, and to answer questions when you know the answers. However, you also need to achieve balance, so your website is also growing, along with the higher rank. I think the rank system is good because it does give us a feeling of accomplishment while we are working to get the same thing from our website. It lets you feel like you are making progress.

Thank you...that is something I struggle to maintain. Balance. Right now I have oodles of time to spend online but I know once the season starts (summer) I will need to cut back on my online time, therefore I am relishing in keeping my rank high while I can.

Looking forward to see you at the top. All the best.

Best Wishes

Thank you 👍

What motivates me is being able to work on something that benefits me in my goal to be able to work from home. In addition, if I want to earn more I simply work more.
I’m not going to list all of the reasons I’m tired of working for someone else at their place of work as I believe in keeping things positive.
Let’s just say it’s enough to motivate me to do what I’ve got to do to make it happen.

I believe that is the probably one of the motivating factors when people sign up for WA. As a matter of fact, Cherry21 posted about something similar this morning. Although it was more of a rant, she had a valid point 😉
Set a goal of when you want to see yourself in a position that allows you to do that. Get to work! 👏

Hi Amy,

I read your reply to RhondaLeigh message, I feel the same also, for non-techie person like us, will take more time and effort to learn the affiliate marketing tricks.

Sometimes just feel frustrated that learn everyday but not progress well in building-up the business.

I think no matter how, we have to push ourselves through the challenge.

I find that if I if I visit the profile pages of the people in the Top 200, most of them have contributed a training or two showing us exactly how to be as successful as they are. Sometimes I just don't get it, but I can honestly say I try 😎

Hi there, great post. I am motivated by trying to create something (blog, course etc) which will help someone somewhere. I am at the stage in life where my best aim is to give back where I can, and blogging or creating courses seems to be a good way of doing this. At the moment for instance I am working on two new areas to help people and this is now motivating me to get the blogs and courses going to make that happen.

That is a great mindset!
WA is such a pay it forward community.
You are an example of this 😁

Thanks, much appreciated

What's cool with WA, is I don't feel like I need to be motivated...YET. I have always wanted to blog and make money at it. This is FUN for me, learning new things and seeing my passion turn into something useful. I admit I've had some bad days where I get frustrated, because I am NO techno-guru, and I feel like it takes more time for me to "get it" than most people. But, because this is my passion, I want to get past the hard parts, to get past that hard work, because in the long run, it will be good.
So, I know at some point, I will need a push to get going, but not now.

Well said, RhondaLeigh. I feel just like you sometimes. I am no techie and sometimes I just don't get it. I move past that by asking for help from fellow members or reading questions that I feel too silly to ask.
At the end of the day, I remember why I joined WA. I am passionate about writing and I have fun interacting with a like-minded group of people.

Thanks so much for the heartfelt post. I feel much the same as you, only I don't think I could express those feelings as well as you. I am following you.

Thank you and you're welcome!
It took me a while before I was able to put words to my thoughts but now that I have overcome that silly fear, I feel like expressing myself is part of the WA way.

May you achieve you goal this weekend!! I'm cheering for you!

You're a dear, Shaunna.
Thank you for the vote of confidence 😊

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