The Magic Number 300 - Las Vegas 2019

Last Update: March 02, 2018

Hi everyone,

for the last couple of years, since I have become a Premium member of WA, I have been looking forward to the blog posts from our Super Affiliates who have attended the four day conference/meeting/hanging out with Kyle and Carson in Las Vegas.

I find these posts so motivating, inspiring, and encouraging to work even harder on my online business especially promoting Wealthy Affiliate as the best online training platform for affiliate marketing. Not to forget the amazing WordPress hosting platform, Jaxxy as free keyword research tool and various other fantastic features.

300 is the magic number, not only for me but for so many other fellow marketers in here.

For those who don't know, if you get 300 Premium member referrals a year then you get an invitation to attend the (all expenses paid) Wealthy Affiliate conference in Las Vegas which happens in February each year.

What an honor it would be to meet Kyle and Carson, the owners and founders of the best online training platform for affiliate marketing, as well as other inspiring fellow affiliate marketers and online entrepreneurs.

The key to achieve this goal is to build a website that is helping people, adds value to their lives and shows them a real business opportunity that will earn them passive income for years to come.

I have put my hands up to join the "SWAG team" and even though I am not able to achieve 100% of the goals set by Kyle each month it has given me the motivation to add quality content to my blog on a more regular basis.

My traffic is slowly increasing and I have found my niche in within the 'make money online' niche.

I know, I will make it to Vegas sooner or later because consistency pays off in the long term.

Slow and steady wins the race!

To our success!

~ Anke

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RoopeshG Premium
Absolutely its will be something to meet K and C.We just keep working on our site and focus on helping people.Sooner or later we will get there.All the best.Roops
AHohaia Premium
Hope to meet you there, Roops. Thanks for your comment.
Best, Anke
Dhind1 Premium Plus
Very nice, thank you.