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Hi everyone,for the last couple of years, since I have become a Premium member of WA, I have been looking forward to the blog posts from our Super Affiliates who have attended the four day conference/meeting/hanging out with Kyle and Carson in Las Vegas. find these posts so motivating, inspiring, and encouraging to work even harder on my online business especially promoting Wealthy Affiliate as the best online training platform f
Hi folks, just a quick post with a link to a really interesting study, especially for those (like me) who get frustrated when the process of getting higher rankings seem to take forever.This study was done by 'ahrefs' and worth a read: me know in the comments what your thoughts are and what you have experienced with your sites ranking!Have a great weekend everyone!All the best from Anke
Hi All, I hope everyone has had a great start to the New Year 2017!Well, I am so excited to share these news. After months of searching for a free email provider with an included autoresponder, I have found one!!!It is called mailerlite dot com and at first glance I must say I am impressed. (discovered it only yesterday) It is userfriendly, easy to set up, sign-up forms are customizable and a breeze to embed to your website.The forever free plan covers up to 1000 subscribers with unlimited emai
Hi everyone,I have to share this case because I don't know how to go about and I would be grateful for any suggestions.Over a week ago I added on both my sites a few plugins to improve the loading time. Shortly after I clicked on one of my Amazon links and instead on landing at the US store I am getting directed to the Japanese store. I checked my other website; same thing happens there. So I deleted the new installed plugins but the problem remains.I checked on a friends computer, same problem
Hi guys, just a quick post on social media sharing.I have started using the site comments section more frequently in the last few weeks. While I provide comments I also have made it a habit to share the posts I am commenting on either on FB, Google Plus, Twitter, Pinterest or Flipboard, just to name a few. I choose what is most suitable for my niche, interest, magazine or boards I have created. If there is a Follow me button that is fantastic as well.I would like to encourage you to do the same
August 13, 2016
Hi guys, here is a cool article I'd like to share about 11 Top Wordpress Plugins that inspire visitors to take action I received in my inbox from hope the link works! These plugins sound really helpful and I would like to know if you already use any of them? I am using Sumome but would be interested in installing the author box.By the way, I would recommend to sign up for coschedules newsletter. The information is pretty va
Hi Guys, it's been a while since I posted but I am very busy developing my websites.I have been with WA for over seven months now, and I enjoyed every minute of it. The learning tools, the lessons to become an online entrepreneur, the weekly video classes with Jay, the keyword research tool (I could go on forever :-)) are outstanding and have helped me to build my two websites.I started as a Newbie with no knowledge about Internet Marketing whatsoever. I am amazed at what I have achieved in thi
Hi there, it's been a while since I posted something. Today I would like to share my favourite tools I have picked up mainly by reading other members blogs and training tutorials.I do hope you find them as useful as I do.To get free images I use I haven't used any other providers since I find the images sufficient for my needs.To create my graphics for Pinterest, facebook and my articles I use It's easy to navigate, user-friendly - just love it.Well, English is my secon
April 21, 2016
Hi Guys, I made an exciting discovery. I published another post on my website yesterday and shared it through my share button on my site to google plus.( usually, I go to my google plus account and link my new post to my website) So today I typed in the keyword I had used into google search. My google plus including profile photo with the shared content shows on position three on page 1. I was really surprised. Hmm, maybe that is the way to go? Any thoughts and similar experiences?Cheers Anke
Hi guys, as so many before me, I can announce my first commission through ShareASale. I thought I check my account today and there it is: $8 !!! My children thought I had won the Lotto by the sound I made. I am even more excited since I added this affiliate just a few days ago. What an amazing surprise. That keeps me even more motivated to work on my website. I have so many ideas but so little time. But hey, one step at a time. I even got $0.57 through Google Adsense.I noticed a bit of a diffe