How long does it take to rank in Google - An interesting study!

Last Update: May 19, 2017

Hi folks, just a quick post with a link to a really interesting study, especially for those (like me) who get frustrated when the process of getting higher rankings seem to take forever.

This study was done by 'ahrefs' and worth a read:

Let me know in the comments what your thoughts are and what you have experienced with your sites ranking!

Have a great weekend everyone!

All the best from Anke

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djw5 Premium Plus

Thanks for posting this link. I was getting nervous and not knowing why I haven't ranked yet and was wondering what I was doing wrong. Your article made me feel so much more at ease and to keep on keeping on. Thanks again.
Swangirl Premium
That was really helpful for me Anke! Thanks! It makes me really glad for the posts I have that are ranked in the top 10 and optimistic that the others will get there over time!

AHohaia Premium
Hi Jessica, Yes, I think this study is reassuring especially when one can get frustrated with the slow ranking process,
It does make sense that Google 'favors' more mature (older sites).
Thanks for your comment!
~ Anke