My first negative comment!

Last Update: January 16, 2014

Hi WA!

As usual, I was on Facebook just promoting my site and I asked a few people to "like" the webpage. A few did and some didn't which is okay. One guy said I didn't "look" like I was eliminating debt. He sort of laughed and gave the GBU. I said "?" Did you read any of the articles or look at the Facebook page?! Really? Now, I realize everyone will NOT like my picture, but if I looked like that and had $100,000 to give him, I wonder if it would have mattered.

Does looks matter? Sometimes...they say don't judge a book by its cover.

LET THE NAYSAYERS FUEL YOU ON! I CAN, I WILL, I MUST! Have a good week and great year!


Twitter: @ahen205

plus google: Andrea Henderson (alh777)

Ps: IT'S CUSTOMER APPRECIATE WEEK on my site! I am "liking" Facebook pages, plus google +1s, and tweets or RT for you for about a week. Kindly do the same for me. If you want to connect, just leave your information below or PM me.

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Michelle12 Premium
Good lord! Looking at your picture (which is lovely by the way) how can anyone tell whether you are in debt, eliminating it or rolling in cash? It says more about him than you.
Blessings44 Premium
Agree! Nasty, nasty, nasty!!!
Blessings44 Premium
Hi Andrea, some people are just nasty by nature, don't let it worry you! I have liked your page, thanks for all the +1's on my G+ profile. Appreciate it! Lydia.
StreetCEO Premium
It's all about you... that's what's bothering him... He can't figure out anything about himself so he can only comment on what's manifesting in his life... and the only thing that looks to be producing fruit in his world is manifested only in what he sees in you. SO you're the hope that's keeping him alive. He was fired up when he saw your post, but his ignorance kept him from truly understanding what to do with that power so he imploded. It just looked like it was at you... it just so happened to be on your page when he self-destructed. BE ENCOURAGED!!! and keep at it... it's appreciated on this end. Jah Bless.
ahen205 Premium
I know, John. It's more about others and less about me.
mackiejw Premium
Sorry Andrea, can not do FB, but send me link to your site PM i will G+ of course