Pain or Pleasure? What's Your Motivation?

Last Update: December 28, 2010

They say that the avoidance of pain is a more powerful motivator than gaining pleasure.

This is true in my situation because even though I'm working consistently with my
online business, I haven't been pushing myself to really take it to the next level.

Currently, there's not really enough pain to motivate me. All the actions that I'm
taking are fueled by the pleasures that I'm experiencing right now and will experience in the future.

I still live with my folks and basically my food, electricity, etc. are all free and the
only things that I'm paying for are those that I use in my online business.

Can you suggest any painful scenarios for me? I need an IM shrink! hahaha!

How about you? Are you fueled by pain or pleasure?

I can only have this talk with my loving partner and it's hard to explain this concept to my offline friends so it would be great if I can also hear your opinions.



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ThomasPaul Premium Plus
In the past I've been mostly motivated by pain. Mental pain motivated me enough to pay a couple of thousand dollars to attend a course on how to "pick up" women in LA. Also, pain is what motivated me to look for alternate ways of making an income.

I was just thinking about a way to motivate myself. I was thinking of signing a contract with a good friend(really good friend that I trust) where I give him $1000 and then he gives me $100 back for every article I write. I was going to have a time limit, like 30 days. At the end of the 30 days, if I only write 5 articles then he gets to keep $500.

I am working towards being fueled by pleasure and focusing on the outcome I desire
affiliateph Premium
Thanks for dropping by and sharing your thoughts Joan. We're definitely in the same wavelength when it comes to being free. Being a slave and trading my time for a monthly salary was also my pain when I was starting out. Another is being ridiculed by people and saying that this whole 'make money online' stuff doesn't work. Yeah, I guess those were some of the main reasons why I was really motivated. Thanks again and have a happy 2011. I think I now have my new painful motivation. hehehe.
jatdebeaune Premium
Hi Raymond. Both equal for me. Sometimes they converge. My need for independence is so great that if I don't have it I am in pain. There is much happiness and pleasure in being free. I have a huge capacity for work, but if captive, I keep wanting to escape. So that's my story.