Am I an idiot or just Certified?

Last Update: June 19, 2019

I don't know about everyone else, but my usual patern is knock out a post then bob over to see if there are a couple of other posts to comment on so that i can get at least some early feedback on what i have just written.

Sometimes, just sometimes, if I have got my post out early enough I have attempted (very rarely succeeded) to get about 10 comments done to achieve the priority list. This is very rarely possible because the stream of posts available for comment often runs dry short of the mark.

Last night it was quite late when I finally published but, as I pushed my second comment, a third came up and I was tempted to try to get the 10 in, and so i pressed on. Unfortunately my eyes gave up after a while and i had to retire.

After doing some house-keeping this morning I thought why not try to finish last night's excercise off and get the 10 comments posted, and so i pressed on,and one after another a new post presented itself and after a little while I got into a bit of a routine, and the posts continued to present themselves.

Oh well, thought I, make hey whilst the sun shines, and I found myself congratulating you lot on what had obviously been a productive day, and still they came.

Fatigue set in after a while (turns out it was about 5 hours) and I looked up to find that from absolutely nowhere I had ploughed all the way through the certification barrier.

Wow!!! Somehow I have now become a certified cmmentor, how did that happen?

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HARALD1 Premium
Well done, congratulations, keep on!
ariesight Premium
That's great! You get to make some money, too!
adrianh25392 Premium
Well we all like money
Cav1966 Premium
Well xone...u can now start eafning from comments
Scwebu Premium
Well done
CestCa Premium
congratulations Adrian ! ... way to go ! ... Alex :-)