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I don't know about everyone else, but my usual patern is knock out a post then bob over to see if there are a couple of other posts to comment on so that i can get at least some early feedback on what i have just written.Sometimes, just sometimes, if I have got my post out early enough I have attempted (very rarely succeeded) to get about 10 comments done to achieve the priority list. This is very rarely possible because the stream of posts available for comment often runs dry short of the mark
June 04, 2019
Surely it has become time for WA to appoint some moderators for the feedback comment section.I thought that feedback is meant to be constructive and helpful even if it meant pointing out problems with content, However it seems that unless you have only positive things to say when helping fellow members with their content they are more than welcome to reject your comments to your detriment not theirs.I have to say that taking punitive measures against someone trying to help others seems like a r
May 14, 2019
Hey gang,I'm back!!!Did you miss me?I was just breaking the ice, I had just got my first referal, MuyiwaO (please pop over and say hi to him and make him welcome. But then I had a monumental birthday to attend. My Dad's 80th.So I guess that I had a reasonable excuse for taking the break (I had been working very hard for quite a sustained period). All went well and a great time was had by aal (I just need to edit the photos and get them posted to every one) but I am back now and raring to go.
April 29, 2019
Is it just me? Or are there more of us out there?Am I the only person still using the Classic editor, or are there more of us out there. Or more worryingly, is it time that I got my act together and moved on?Don't get me wrong, most of my posts are written in Guttenberg, and I absolutely love it, well mainly. It's just that I was ultra-organzed in the beginning and I built a spreadsheet to keep track of my product reviews, and I even build a template for my review pages in Classic. This is my g
April 26, 2019
Just a quick note to say thank you. Not only to WA, but also all of you amazing people and the support that you bring, endlessly day-on-day.Many of you will be aware that whilst trying to build myself a site, and consequently an alternative income, I have been suffering from a rather ominous attack of Fibromyalgia, which has recently disabled me from work. That in itself was the inspiration that I needed to try to find another way of supporting myself and my family in the first place, and is wh
April 22, 2019
Just been doing some house keeping and having a play with Jaaxy, only to find a number of my articles on the first pages of Google and Yahoo ranking upwards from 7 all the way to several number 1's.Seriously suprised and very chuffed
April 16, 2019
Bingo!!Or Housey, Housey, as they used to call.Have been balancing having my daughter, needing to watch the football (soccer to you silly American people), as the season end, closes in. oh yeah and doing the odd-job around the house. So have been a liitle light in my presence here.Those of you who know me, know that i decided to launch a second page, dedicated for promoting WA, as part of my brief for the SA, program. Anyway launched it about 3 days ago, then managed to sit down this morning an
April 11, 2019
Take your time, don't rush6 months ago (or nearly anyway), I launched myself into the training once I had found the WA platform. Like most of us I had spend month after month jumping down rabbit holes only to find that what money I had was far more important to the custodians of those holes than any intention of teaching me how to make some more. So, understandably, as in most of us here, I was eager to get through the training as competently (but as quickly) as possible and get my first meanin
April 07, 2019
Just taken a weekend off because of a bit of Fibro Fog. I have just logged on to clear down through some mails so that i can get myself a clean start in the morning. And wow 1.5k followers, you guys are amazing, thank you. i have no idea what i am doing to generate or deserve such a large following. But it seems that just as i am at my lowest and doubting myself, you lot and this place give me the boost i need to keep going.To all those who now follow me, a massive thank you.
The UK Govt. in their denial show how not to behave.I have used the name Government at the top of this, however after last night's debacle I should probably have used the whole, Parliament. If any business were to behave in such a bullish way as all of the elected fragments of the UK Parliament, it would crash through the floor without a trace.The high street in almost every country has been thinned out through examples of that innevitable outcome, with the inflexible rapidly becoming the inope