A Perfect Niche Example: "Men's Tailoring" - Really?

Last Update: September 19, 2018

CHOOSING A NICHE. Some may find it extremely difficult to narrow down on a single niche when it comes to actually creating a niche website. A while back I had a real eye opener on just how effective a brick and mortar business could be in illustrating this conception.

My Experience

Some months ago I had the experience of going shopping with myhusband who was in search of another black suit. This particular shop had beenhighly recommended by a few friends of his. There he was able to find the suithe wanted.

In need of a few alterations, the owner gave him a business cardreferring him to a tailor whose business was to make alterations on men'ssuits. The store owner made it clear that the charge would be minimal since myhusband had purchased the suit through him. This certainly sounded like a greatdeal.

The shop was located a little further down the street. Once there,the tailor confirmed everything that the store owner had said. Inaddition, he would be able to do the alterations right there on the spot and wewould not have to go back later.

While waiting for my husband to try on his garment, Ilooked around the shop and was simply amazed at what I saw - what I initiallythought was a very limited business turned out to be the perfect example of aspecific niche. I immediately found myself on a mission: I wanted all theinsight that I could get on this "perfect niche example."

Personal Observation

While talking with the tailor – “Mr. Brown,” I found him to bevery interesting and quite knowledgeable in his profession. He had a passionfor doing alterations on men's suits and had been providing the service forover 24 years, making him very experienced at what he did.

Not only was hea highly skilled tailor, Mr. Brown absolutely LOVED what he did and quite frankly, hadbecome an expert in this field. He genuinely enjoyed “helping others” (in this case, men) byproviding them with quality service that would make their garments lookgreat on them. I was extremely impressed as he performed each task with suchease and proficiency. There was no question that he enjoyed what he did and wasvery good at it.

The Wealthy Affiliate Connection

When joining Wealthy Affiliate, we learn that we can either gothrough Bootcamp Training and promote WA, or we can choose a niche, gothrough Online Entrepreneur Certification (OEC) Training and build a nichesite. Many times the question is then asked, "How do I choose aniche?" On the other hand, many become confounded as they try to figureout if a niche is too broad or too narrow. Others simply become discouraged atthe entire process. Yet, choosing a niche does not have to be overwhelming.Many veteran WA members have written helpful posts and/ or have made tutorialsdealing with the subject. Nevertheless, sometimes people still have a hard timegetting it. In those instances a visual picture can help.

I found that the experience of watching Mr. Brown at work was agreat illustration of how to choose the perfect niche. First of all, it wassomething that he really enjoyed and was passionate about. He was a tailor andtook pleasure in sewing (very broad niche) and could actually sew anything.However, his passion/ interest was doing alterations on men's suits - pants,jackets, vests, etc. (specific or narrow niche). His years of experience (research, creating quality content) hadmade him an expert in his profession (established credibility; authority), where he came with high recommendationsand did great volumes of business. He also partnered with other businesses andsold some of their merchandise in his shop such as shirts, ties, hats,cuff links and other accessories (affiliates).


Sometimes real-life illustrations can provide a more vivid picturethan hearing others explain certain concepts or facts. Kyle has often said that a niche can bepractically anything. We see this to betrue, such as with the tailoring illustration. It boils down to doing something that you enjoy and are passionateabout. You then put enough time andresearch into creating excellent content that you become an expert in yourniche over a period of time. Subsequently,you establish integrity and credibility with your site, therefore achievinghigher rankings. In turn, you have abetter chance of making more sales with your affiliate links.

This is just one of many illustrations of a real life niche example. Certainly the training at WA is more than adequate for most individuals to understand the process of choosing a niche. Yet every now and then, some may benefit a little better by envisioning a brick and mortar example. Hopefully this will help so the job.

When greeting the new members of WA, Kyle often points out the one thing that seems to confuse people, which is "what is my niche?" How about you? Was the "niche" website an easy concept for you to grasp right away? Please feel free to share!

Best wishes,


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AlexEvans Premium Plus
So true Audrey many folks struggle to find the niche that fits, there are so many opportunities out there and learning to be observant can certainly help to bring some of them to the light of day. Thank you for the reminder, I struggled with the concept when I first came to the online world, the good thing about WA's, step by step learning approach is that we can just follow along much like on the job training.
adreyna Premium Plus
I agree Alex, I struggled with the same thing - a lot longer than I should have. This is probably the reason I am so passionate about helping others who have the same problem. I am so thankful for the many helpful posts that others have shared regarding this topic and wanted to post my experience as well.
As always, I appreciate your comments. Thank you.
PietSwart Premium
This is a great read, thank you. An excellent example of a single niche. We always tend to think about the broad niches out there and we never realize that if you dive deeper, you can specialize in a more specific niche. People often worry that the market is too small if they dive deeper.

I enjoyed this very much, thank you Adreyna.
adreyna Premium Plus
Hi Piet, it's my pleasure. I felt the same way about the single niche example. I love your word "specialize," which is what amazed me about that illustration. I liked how he was able to specialize in a specific area of sewing, narrow it down to something he was passionate about and make it work for him.
I'm happy that you enjoyed the post. Thanks for reading and for the insightful comments.
dfastmoney Premium
Thank you for the advice, this is worth following the ideas and ideas
adreyna Premium Plus
You're very welcome! Thanks for reading and commenting.
aussiemaher Premium
Great example. Very helpful. Thanks Audrey!
adreyna Premium Plus
My pleasure! So glad you found it helpful.
Thanks for commenting.
HarveyBrown Premium
Thanks Audrey, great example of a niche, thank you.
adreyna Premium Plus
My pleasure, Harvey. Thanks for commenting...much appreciated!