There Are No Perfect Lives

Last Update: March 18, 2017

There are no perfect lives. We all have problems regularly in our lives, but we also have happy times.

I usually say that happiness is a state of mind that we have to feed to grow within us.

Even in the most difficult times we have to be clever to see the positive side of things.

What doesn't kill us strengthens us, right?

I believe that nothing happens by chance and when bad luck knocks on the door, we have two alternatives, or we get carried away by depression and we don't have the strength to react against adversity or we try to rationalize the moment, because everything is fleeting in our life. Time flies and better days will come.

I love a great Portuguese poet who lived in the 20th century - Fernando Pessoa. He had an amazing personality and had more than 60 heteronyms. Every day he woke up with a completely different personality and assumed the personality of each of his heteronyms.

One of them was Ricardo Reis. He accepted, calmly and lucidly, the relativity and fugacity of all things. He defended the pleasure of the moment, the "carpe diem", as the path of happiness, but without yielding to the impulses of the instincts. He said that despite this pleasure we all seek, and the happiness we want to achieve, we will never achieve real calm and tranquility.

And that is completely the truth!

According to Ricardo Reis, we must seize the present moment, enjoy every day of our life, as a path to happiness.

We often complain about our lives, because it is human to want more than what we have ... but sometimes I just have to open a newspaper or watch the news to make sure I have no right to complain ...

We just have to look for happiness and it is there for us, not forever, but for moments.

So, "carpe diem" - enjoy the happy moments the best you can!

It's life, so enjoy it to the fullest!


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WindyCityUSA Premium
ADias Premium
Hi Lou,
Thank you for reading my post!
AGOgden Premium
Very existential...
ADias Premium
Hi Dr. Ogden,
Thank you for reading my post.
FTurner8032 Premium
Very nice post Alex. I believe you have shown us a real message about how we should look at our lives. There many good and bad things that we all have to deal with every day. If we dwell on the moments that don't reach the level of happiness or comfort we think we want or worse deserve, then we will be unhappy and miserable most of the time.

I like you view on how we should look at our lives and I hope that everyone that reads this will find some inspiration that will lead them to better days.

Thanks for posting.
ADias Premium
Hi Frank,

You're right. We should think positive or else we spend our lives miserable and unhappy and in fact, we don't have the time for it ... so be happy!

Thank you so much for your comment.

Labman Premium Plus
I will be doing that soon. Changing my life for the better.
ADias Premium
Hi Labman,

I think you should do it!
Enjoy all the good times in your life and be happy whenever you can!