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Hello everyone,I regularly use the comment tool in Wealthy Affiliate, but more and more I have to decline comments! Recently I have been refusing 3 comments in a row in the same post!People make comments about the font I use, the colors I use ("the coloration needs some work"!), about the images that are too many or too large or too small, about the headers ...And every time I get less comments about the relevant content of my posts!Maybe people don't want to read the text, it takes a lot of wo
There are no perfect lives. We all have problems regularly in our lives, but we also have happy times.I usually say that happiness is a state of mind that we have to feed to grow within us.Even in the most difficult times we have to be clever to see the positive side of things. What doesn't kill us strengthens us, right?I believe that nothing happens by chance and when bad luck knocks on the door, we have two alternatives, or we get carried away by depression and we don't have the strength to r
When we work alone, sometimes we begin to feel unmotivated, because things don't necessarily run with how we would like them to run.It is true that the support in WA is incredible and that whenever we need help there is always someone to help, but if our business goes bad and we can not get traffic, we can not get referrals and we don't start earning some money, we begin to discourage and lose the strength to continue, and we begin to doubt if we can achieve what we are looking for...This is wh
January 16, 2017
It's been a while since I've written a post in WA!Today I decided to write, because I am not having success in my crappy job! My husband says that I'm too nice at work and that's why I let them hurt me. He also says that the best defense is the attack and that when someone questions or doubts something related to me, it is best to face them soon and turn the game upside down. If I do this, they will stop messing with me and think twice before they do it again.The truth is that it works, but I'
August 18, 2016
I have already create my first online video.It was very easy to do because I used Jing.Jing is an amazing free tool and it is really easy and simple to use. You learn how to create videos in Jing's website. There is a quick video to learn How To create online videos and that's it, you have made the course!I was pretty excited with it because it was, fast, easy and free!And now I just want to show my video to the world in YOUTUBE and I can't do it because I can't find a video converter that work
May 31, 2016
Hi! Hope you're all doing great.Since my last post, I've been working in my website and on using social media. I've set up Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and LinkedIn and I'm looking forward to leveraging it.Any way, I have not many time to add some posts to my blog here. My weeks are not easy, so I just write when I can.... it is not good but it's all I can do at this time. I have lots of plans but not to much time!I've decided to create my first website to promote WA, but I have the language pr
I’ve recently find out that my website was slow. It took too much time to load, and that was a problem!I recommend you to try it and see if your website is ok.Try to logout from Google Chrome and visit your website. It should load in a few seconds, if not your website is slow.Marcus suggests in his Training that you test your website at It is very useful and you can see all the speed problems that your website has.Anyway, I thought I had too many plugins installed. B
April 20, 2016
Nowadays we live so busy that we don’t have any time freedom!Most of people have a 9-6 or 7 job. When they finish work, they have to pick up kids at school, make dinner, spend some time with kids (bath and homeworks), etc…The truth is that when you finish your journey you are exhausted! And all days are the same!When do you have some free time just for you? Or for your family?Ok, you have the weekends… but which weekends?At weekends we have to do what we haven’t the ti
While I was making the lesson "Content, Keywords and Conversions" I began to do my keywords research and I realized that I'm in a market completely different from others.To make a research in English is not the same that in Portuguese or other language, and the result can be quite different as well! For instance, I made a research on Jaaxy on the "selling keywords" with the English keyword "how to sell books online". The result was AVG 6946 TRAF 1181 QSR 225.When I made the research with
I want to share with you this great tutorial/video: how to install and set up the plugin Social Media Feather for WordPress.It is really easy to install and Kyle mentions this plugin in his training. I think it's because it's very lightweight. hope to be helpful with this post.Thanks for reading my post.Alex