The benefits of being short

Last Update: Aug 7, 2021

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Hello there. Are you short? Well, I know I am a bit on the short side. Today, we are going to go over the benefits of being short. Not to mention we short people are the best and some day we will rule the world. LOL

  1. Well I can say, we are known for being cute and charming.
  2. Being short could lower you risk for certain cancers.
  3. May have more intimacy especially for men. (some studies state it may be false, varies by region.)
  4. Better distance runner(we may not run as fast compared to taller people, but we can run and get away further)
  5. Shorter people typically live longer.
  6. We're known for being fun sized (I take that as a compliment, just don't pat me on the head.)
  7. We don't have to call shot gun to sit in the front (I like to do that to upset my taller buddies, and they threaten me. They just kick my seat. LOL)
  8. Better fighters (some people say shorter people are better fighters, when we're angry we're very angry, perhaps quicker? not sure if that's a pro or a con?)
  9. We can hide from our tall scary enemies in tight places. (sometimes you have to know your battles, especially if there's more than one. LOL)
  10. It's easier for us to limbo (Not for me, I'm not flexible enough)
  11. We never get in anybodys way. Literally!
  12. We can easily out maneuever a crowd.
  13. We don't have to worry about hitting our head on anything.

I just thought this might be fun to write down. There are many awesome benefits in being short. If you would like to add some pros to being short, go ahead and add it to you comments. Also, I am not here to degrade the taller people. We are all human and we should all get along. No matter our size, height, skin color, religion, sexual orientation, gender etc. We are all human. :)

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Recent Comments


Love this post!

I'm 4'10", so I can relate to all of this. Cute & charming has got me out of a jam (and a speeding ticket) more than once.😁

I also enjoy zipping though a crowd. Unfortunately, that only works if I'm by myself...I can lose who I'm with very easy if I'm not careful.

It is good to know that I have a chance of living longer, and a reduced chance of getting certain cancers.

As far as #8 on your list, I always tell others that dynamite comes in small packages. 😄

Always remember this...It's better to love a short person that to have never loved a tall. 🙂

Being short is the best. I’m not short short but a tad short. But for a male I’m considered short. 5’5” about some measure 5’4”.

I’ve gotten one speeding ticket. I guess my smile wasn’t charming enough to him. Lol but we was a chill cop, didn’t care that my insurance info wasn’t updated. Well it was, just had the old little card thing.

Yes I like weaving in and out and crowds. Sometimes I find that people walk too damn slow and I get walking rage. LOL We can stop quicker too. One time I did that someone bumped into me. Oblivious people drive me nuts. Just walk out in front of you and stand there.

Only downside is we get teased a lot and many people especially my guy friends don’t take me seriously when I get mad. They just start laughing at me and acting goofy. Or they just walk away and not say anything.

I guess I wrote a little too much. Lol

-Adam J Reger

Not too much 🙂

It must be a short thing; I completely get the walking rage, lol.

I understand that it's different for a man than a woman, but yes, there are many downsides. I've been teased all my life as well. It always bothered me when I was younger, but as I've gotten older it no longer bothers me. I'm short, and I own it.

As far as others being oblivious, I've actually been standing directly in front of someone taller who didn't even see me; they looked right over the top of me.

I am also claustrophobic, and can freak out sometimes if I get sandwiched in a large crowd. Maybe that's part of the walking rage, I've got to get away, lol.

Oh wow I used to be very agoraphobic. Had an irrational fear around people and had major trust issues especially around people my age at the time.(a few years ago, back in my 20s).

Anyways my next blog will be about the cons of being short and after that the benefits and cons of being tall. Then I’m going to figure out how us shortlings will take over the world. It’s our turn to be the alphas. Lol jk

-Adam J Reger

I look forward to reading your future posts. 🙂

Another great advantage of being short is, you always look younger than your age. I think most of you will agree on this. Thanks Adam for sharing this great post. Have a blessed weekend.

YES!! YES AND YES!!!!!! I had a nurse asking me if I’m a minor. I’m like no I’m 30. Plus I was wearing my cap like I am in my profile picture. Usually I get mid 20s sometimes a little younger. Some people get my age about right. Hopefully I stay that way.

You have a blessed day as well. Stay safe out there.


In college, me and a couple of friends went roller skating. I had a twelve-year-old ask me to roller skate during the moonlight (slow song, lights dimmed, time for asking someone to skate with you). I asked him how old he thought I was and he said, "Twelve?"

I definitely knew I looked younger for my age but I never connected it with my being short.


Lol back when I was living in Reno NV, I was going for my evening walk. Had some young kids acting goofy and saying stupid things. They were like, “HEY HEY YOU!!! KID!!!” I just turned around and said what?!. He saw how old I looked and apologized. He and his friends were laughing.

Lol Sounds like something kids would do. Bet they were embarrassed...maybe :)

Hey Adam, I also happen to be short and I have never minded it. I can relate to some of your facts. I was especially good at weaving in and out through a crowd and wanted to get somewhere quickly.

When I was younger, I could beat the taller boys from the neighborhood in a race.

People sometimes gave me nicknames that reflected my shortness, but mostly people called me sweetie and still do. Definitely not my favorite name to be called lol

I've been patted on the head a few times :)

But I didn't know short people typically lived longer. Good to know. Except I did tell my tall husband he had to outlive me.

I enjoyed reading your post, Adam, and it's always nice to know a fellow fun-sized person!


Hello shortling lol jk. Yes we shorter people are far better at many things compared to taller people. :P

In terms of looks… way better looking, looking young, physical activities…(except basket ball and probably a couple others). In your case running. Before I had asthma I used to be the quickest runner but I was sluggish off the line lol. Had more mid range and higher end torque.

Some studies say that shorter people are smarter, while some say taller people are smarter but we shortlings get discriminated more. :( As the saying goes don’t judge a book by its cover…… more like don’t judge a person by their height.

Some day we fun sized people will take over the world. We will make a better. Lol

-Adam J. Reger :)

When we take over the world, I will change the standard height for kitchen counters lol

Glad to see this. I am not short myself, but I may take some pointers here to influence some of my shorter colleagues if they are having a rough day!

Hello there, well I guess you’re one of the good ones lol jk jk. I know many awesome tall/taller people. Yes please share this with your colleagues who are shortlings like me.

Be safe out there and stand up for us. Lol

-Adam J. Reger

Such a fun fact!

Thanks for the share.

Have an awesome weekend ahead!


Yes it’s very fun doing research on these topics. Lol

You have a blessed day. Stay safe.

-Adam J. Reger

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