What's wrong with some commentators?

Last Update: November 11, 2020

Hello WA friends!

I have received an awkward comment and I really wonder how this can be??

"Good day to you my furious grind on this day I am not sure I am not really a very educative day for the day and so how many days you can go to see the kids in this week I wanna is the time to go try and go try do it again and then I enjoy it I am not really a bad boy I wan talk about you. Thanks a lot for this review"

This is so weird. What do you do with this?? It makes absolutely no sense. Is this a joke? haha

Have a nice day everyone!


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BrightSales Premium
If that's within the W.A. platform for your website, I would agree with others here to reject/disapprove the comment. It can do more harm to your website as the review would not fit the request for your website. If you already approved it, you'll probably have to take the loss and delete it. I, myself, don't know what the person is trying to say also. All the best!
laparra1 Premium
Good afternoon Anne-Caroline,

This is far from funny and a waste of time.
When you reject this nonsense, I would write the total comment to show how bad it is. Never let this person comment again. To remember who this is also, click on the Gravatar picture.

Greetings from the south of Spain,

LatinNomad Premium
Site comments produces some really weird comments on occasions, bear in mind many members do not have English as a first language and/or have not been so well educated as e.g. Lenka.

I had one yesterday addressed to WA complaining my site must be spam as my site kept appearing...they had commented sensibly before so I reached out asking them to change the comment rather than reject it.

But hey, use this chain as an opportunity to gain comments direct. What is your site? Mine is whyspirulina (dot) com

Have a great day.

TheMagicBrad Premium
This is what happens, when humans start relying too much on automation and robotics.

They get lazy, and utilize software that generates copy automatically.

Here is an example below…
(i’m just tapping on the automatically generated words.)

Hey there are ya guys going out there today and tomorrow morning I can just get a coffee or something.

This is another reason why I am an advocate of communication on video using zoom. Two humans talking with each other and you can see their emotions and reactions.
Feochadan Premium Plus
Hard to do on site comments which is what this article is about...
TheMagicBrad Premium
Hey there I wanna is your and what time do ya want to work tomorrow I gotta is a good time I wanna do you
michaelvgATN Premium
Yes, I get them all the time as well. Like what MichalB stated, I try and edit what I can of the comment but if it doesn't work at all like the one above then reject it and Wealthy Affiliate will give you another one.

That's the good thing about Wealthy Affiliate, when you can't understand a particular comment, as in someone doesn't want to be serious, then you can reject it as many times as you like.