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I'm doing this for you all so let's hope this will get a reaction. since there are a few people here that asked me in a pm to give them a teaser I will do that just for you ok. I love you all lol

Chapter 1

Due to the fact that my parents split up months ago, the state saw fit that my father would be the person to look after me. Much to my dismay. I have to go live with him, who isn't exactly a father figure, he's probably the worst person you will ever encounter.

You're not allowed to show any emotions, nor any feelings, he wasn't always like this, something in him changed over the last few years, mom thinks it the new job he's working at as a CEO, but I had a feeling there is more to it. You could call him a rock, not in a good way that is.

So here I am packing my things just to go to the house of doom literally no kidding. Maybe I'm being dramatic but, I'm not looking forward to any of this. I'm a spontaneous person by nature not by force. I love my mom's house its comfortable. My room consists of a bed in the middle of my room in front of the window.

Which is on my right when I enter the door, the walls a cream color my bedding is a nice silver color with curtains to match. I have about four pillows on it as well. At the bottom of it is a chess case on the left a huge in suite wardrobe, lastly my dresser. I had family photos all over of the time we were all happy still, I took one of my mom and me.

I placed it in my last bag which was the one for delicate things, I knew that I needed to keep one close by. You see I love order, everything has its own place, in one bag are all my electronic, the other my clothing, and then delicate possessions in yet another. I will not have my camera laptop and photos to be ruined by placing it among others things on the plain.

Yeah for the next couple of hours I'm going to be in a plain. That's probably the only thing I'm excited about. I took in my room for probably the last time in my life. I'm really going to miss this place. The way it feels smells, this used to be my safe haven. I slowly put my bags all over me. On my left shoulder my delicate, in my left hand my clothing, the right my electronics.

"Anna the driver it here?" Yeah, you guessed it. Here we go! "I'll be right there!" I signed as I closed my door. Mom has been crying all day, the feeling that you might never see each other again is eating at my heart. "I'm going to miss you so much" she sobbed as she pulled me in for a hug.

"I'm never going to miss anything as much as I will miss you mom" its true. She isn't just my mother she is my best friend, you can talk to her about anything you can do everything with her, just as you would do with a friend. If only mom had a solid job maybe then I wouldn't have to have moved to my dad.

The plane ride was nice, except maybe for the turbulence, but hey its part of the experience right?. 'Mellow bay' is the wettest place that I know. Why he had to pick this place is beyond me. I got out of the cab grabbing my things and run towards the house and in the process, I nearly fell on the steps trying to reach the porch, I didn't even take in my surroundings, as I rushed to the door. I didn't even get a chance to knock when the door opened.

"Get inside" was his response. See what I mean not even a greeting of any kind. "Hello to you too father" sarcasm was my way to treat people who don't even have manners. "Watch yourself, Annabelle! I will not tolerate that in my house, now your bedroom will be the closest to the bathroom which will be on your left. Unpack your things I expect to see you downstairs in an hour." With that, he turned around and walked out.

How is he better than mom to look after me. I know he is financially, but isn't there more to it than that? I walked into the room and gasped. The window had a wolf made out of stained glass. The curtains hung to the ground, a nice golden brownish color, the bed has the same color the whole room had a woodsy feeling to it even the bedding had wolfs on it.

Two big once looking at each other and a little one asleep between them. I had a huge room twice the size of my old room at mom's place. The bed stood away from the window. At the one side is a dresser. There were two doors on my left. I slowly walked to it.

The one has a huge gym in it where the other has enough space for more than one person's clothing. A few drawers to place your shoes. A small drawer for jewelry at the top. Wow is this really my room. I started unpacking the things I didn't even use a quarter of the space in there. I then ran to take a quick shower. To sit on a plain isn't all fun. I got dressed quickly.

When you close the door there's a full-length mirror. That could be useful. As I made my way back downstairs my father stood at the bottom of the stairs tapping his foot on the ground his arms crossed over his chest. "What did I tell you before you went upstairs.?" I couldn't move.

His face was held straight no emotions of any kind but his voice held them all. "That I should be down in an hour?" I asked. He started pacing. "And why is it that you're about fifteen minutes late?" He no longer sounds annoyed, anger took its place. "I had to take a shower father" does he really think I'm going to walk around with my body smelling like a skunk. I don't think so.

"So that means your late, if I told you to be down in an hour, your down in an hour, if I tell you to do something you do it without question, now every morning breakfast will be at exactly seven am lunch at two and supper at eight. If you miss any of those it's your own problem. You will do your homework as soon as you get home, the workout will be every day from five to seven thirty. I will not tolerate you being late for anything else, you're dismissed" he waved his hand dismissing me.

I stood there with my mouth hanging open, he can't be serious. "Do not make me repeat myself, Annabelle!" I can't believe this. I ran up the stairs and slammed my door shut. How in the world does he expect me to be on time for everything? And not to mention coming from school getting dressed and do my homework in let's see, in less than three hours!

Doesn't he know how hard this will be? I need at least four hours to do homework! This is college not high school. My work would probably be twice that much. A knock sounded at my door. "Come in" I didn't really want to see anyone right now especially knowing my dad would be the one walking through that door right now.

"Annabelle, I know that over the past few years we haven't exactly been family but your here because I need to fix that but just know that you won't get special treatment just because your my daughter. Your a pack member just like the others, to be an Alpha mean to be fair, if not everyone will think that they can do what they want and we can't afford that.

We protect each other, we are there for each other. I am here for you. If you ever feel like you need to talk I'm here, just make sure no pack member are around if by any chance they are just asked to talk to me alone. My office has been changed to a soundproof room so that is where we will go, OK?" I knot my head.

Before he moved out the door. "Dad" I called. "Please Address me as Alpha, if no one can hear, you can call me whatever you want." OK, this ridicules. "Alpha may I grant permission to speak my mind? Respectfully that is" he moved back to my bed. "Sure" I didn't know how exactly to say what I wanted.

I could see that he was trying to be nice but his face, voice, and body still remained the same. "If I were ever to ask for something would that be granted? Where do I stand in all of this?" Oh boy there it is, his face changed the kindness if you could call it that was gone, was it something I said?

"You will not be granted anything unless I feel fit to do so, your by beta and you're going to be trained as such, and in a few years you will be this packs Alpha" OK so I take it me voicing my opinion wouldn't be a good idea right now.

"Remembered supper will be soon I will let you settle in but from tomorrow you will be training with the others, if you feel like it you may watch and learn for today. If you do decide to watch make sure...." "I'm on time" I know. "Right I see you're a fast learner" if I wasn't mistaken I swear I saw a slight smile. It was gone way too fast to bubble check.

The question I keep asking myself for the past hour while sitting in the basement gym is. "What on earth are a beta? why me? Oh and not to mention the responsibility involving that. The debate will have to wait. " you're in here for the past hour, no one is allowed in here beforehand" and here I was thinking he would be proud of me.

Sadness took over my features. "I thought you would be proud of me" I wanted to walk out but was thrown against a wall by the one and only. Alpha. I gasped, he did not just do that. Anger took over my body. I launched myself at him jumping in the air to punch him square in the face, a kick settled on my ribs. He bent down to my level.

"Now that's much better, you will not cry, you will not get disappointed, you will be prepared for every situation" he then got back up and was about to turn around. I kicked his legs from underneath him, it hit home. He was flat on his back. A gasp could be heard in the room.

My father jumped to his feet the exact same time as me. "I see you haven't forgotten your training" his eyes were smiling. His lips did nothing at all it didn't even twitch, he is fast I'll give him that. "Yes Alpha mom wanted me to stop but I refused" I couldn't stop the smile from forming on my face.

He tried my reflexes I could see it in the way he walked. He was trying to make me think his walking away when out of nowhere he came flying my way, I ducked, if he wasn't my father I would have hit him where the sun doesn't shine. But instead, I hit him in the ribs and got to my feet. For once my father showed emotion.

His eyes went wide, but as always it disappeared way too quickly. I was about to go to the back of the room when someone grabbed my hair and tried to push me into the wall. "You will never do something like that again" she spat as I kicked both my legs into the wall pushing myself into the air and going over her shoulder.

Once I landed I had her one hand behind her back and the other was in her throat as if I'm going to choke her, my hip against her lower back. "ENOUGH!" Was shouted from behind me. I couldn't register who it was, my anger was boiling over. "Say that to me again and I will rip your throat out" I slammed her head into the wall as I let her go.

I turned around to see a guy standing right in front of me. "Or what hmmm you're going to kick my a_s, give it your best shot" just then my Dad jumped in. "Annabelle that's enough," he said pushing me to the side. "Go cool then come back" I just stood there. "NOW!" He ordered. I gave the guy one last look as I went to the boxing bag.

My whole life the boxing bag was considered my best friend. I was at it for about 45 minutes when someone touched my shoulder I turned around to punch whoever it was just to be caught by the hand of the same guy. "Don't creep up on me" I took my gloves off, not once did I lose eye contact. He took a step back. "I'm sorry, Alpha wants you in his office" he turned around to walk away.

I slowly made my way to his office, two knocks later I was inside. "What happened in there?" He asked with his hand's folded on the table like his in an actual meeting. "I lost control" I didn't show any emotion, knowing that if I did it would end up in yet another fight. "Does this happen often?" He asked as calm as I have ever seen him.

"I guess, I don't do well with people and their stupid remarks," I said as I moved closer to the desk. "What triggered this?" He had the nerve to ask. "Permission to speak freely?" I asked sitting down. He knows his head as he settled back in his seat. "It started when I was really young.

the time when you and mom started arguing and I was used as the mental punching bag, mom doesn't know this but I heard every fight, the way you spoke of her as your biggest mistake. Was I a mistake too is that why you left?" He didn't say anything for a few seconds.

"No your no child is, your mother found her mate, she didn't want to be with me. He pushed me away so many times that I felt like my world was ripped apart that is why I left" OK so my mom has been keeping secrets. Nice to know, note the sarcasm. A part of me didn't want to believe that.

Why would she do that to me? We never kept anything from each other so why this? "It started when you were really young, you were about one at that time, she said that if it wasn't for you she would have taken her own life, you see her mate died when you turned two and ever since that day things have changed in her, I gave her so many chances to change but she refused so here we are" I couldn't say anything I couldn't do anything.

I needed time to process this. "When I told you so I never stopped my training, I meant it, it kinda made me feel like I was still close to you in a way. I really miss the father I used to have, the one I could play with and not feel scared, but I guess its way too late for that." He didn't say anything to me after that so I got up and left, deep down I hope that something I said would make him think about what he is doing.

I need my father back, I need my guider back, I don't need a heartless monster as my father. I wanted to go for a run but I was told not to go alone. So the guy in the gym earlier agreed to go with me. It's either him coming with or I don't get to run. "I'm Adrian by the way. So why is it that you're so slim yet pack such a punch" I guess he's referring to what happened earlier.

"Anger is my weapon for everything in life it has been drilled in my head for years, 'you either choose to get hit or hit first' a part of that is true in a way, I just chose to wait and see what my opponent will do first. And I'm Annabelle" The looked away from me as if he was contemplating my words.

"That makes sense in a way if you do that you kinda have the upper hand so to speak, the first hit the guy gives an opening for your first move" I smiled at him. "Exactly" he might not be as stupid as I thought. The run was uneventful or so I thought. "Do you smell that?" I asked.

Adrian looked at me before his face turned neutral obviously not showing any emotions just like my father, although he seemed normal a minute ago. Maybe neutrality is there a way to cope. The ruffle of leaves could be heard from behind me. I spun around dodging a fist, I got back up just as it tried to kick me.

I spun around throwing it up against the tree. It tried to get up but it was too late I had his heart in my hand. The minute I came back to reality I dropped its heart and fell to my knees. Yes, it was a request but still, it had a beating heart. Adrian stood next to me in no time. "That was amazing how did you... Oh" he trailed next to me.

"That was the first time you killed a request?" He asked softly. "Yeah," I said softly. "If my dad saw me now he would kick my a_s to hell and back." I couldn't help the tear that slipped down my cheek. I wiped it away before he could see. "Common we have to tell the Alpha about the request being on our land" I quickly got to my feet.

We reached the house in no time.
"Alpha my we talk in private?" So everyone says that included the beta. Great! We moved up to my dad's office. "What is going on, Annabelle wipes that scared look of your face" I guess this counts as no special treatment. It took a minute when my father felt satisfied he knot.

"Much better, now tell me what is going on" "I killed a rogue" slipped out my mouth before I could stop it. He gave me a stern look. "Alpha" again he knots his head. "Adrian where was this?" He asked when he was seated behind his desk. "The west wing Alpha" there's silence for a minute.

"Go get the fighters ready just in case, have four search the grounds all around." And with that Adrian left. No questions asked. What the hell. How in the world do these people do that? My father turned towards me when the door closed. "Was that your first time" at first his words didn't register.

"Yeah, I kinda felt bad at first I'm still a little shaken" his face hardened at that. "You know Annabelle you have to stop this showing emotion bullshit. It only gets you killed, I think I know just the thing that will work for you." I raised an eyebrow. "Stop that look now this instant, your face will stay neutral at all times, I don't even want to see a hint of anything else you hear" I tried that like I did earlier.

"Good, now you will go with the four fighters..." "But father..." My father slapped me. He seriously slapped me. He could see the anger on my face. "You will do as your told or the first place you will go is the torture chamber" what the hell, he wouldn't. "Are you serious father" his face showed nothing as he shouted into the intercom. "Jack in my office now!" I looked at my father wide eyes.

"Daddy you can't do this..." Jack burst into the office. "Yes Alpha" I looked from jack to my father. "Daddy please don't do this." "Jack teach my daughter some manners when you're done no emotion will be shown, only respect" I can't believe this he is seriously going to let the torture me? His own daughter seriously? I kicked and screamed all the way to the dungeon on the north wing.

This torture went on for hours. The pain was excruciating. Every time that whip landed on my back a scream left my lips. He went on and on for hours, I couldn't take it anymore, after some time you get numb. "That's enough," a beautiful lady said. The guy reached for the knife at this point I didn't care if they killed me.

He cut my legs a few times. I promised myself that I won't give him the satisfaction of making another sound. Trust me everything in my body wanted to. The sell flung open. "Are you hard of hearing I said stop" she repeated" the guy stopped what he was doing and left. I went limp on the chains I was chained to. "Oh my goodness, how long have you..." I must have blacked out halfway through her sentence.

There you go, I really hope you guys like this book, I didn't put a prologue since I feel it kind of spoils the whole story. What do you guys think will happen next? Let me know what you think. Please comment Angel :)

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