The World Groans

Last Update: April 02, 2020

Maybe this is my last post and I will be temporarily hybernating from WA, in case my bill for the month of March is not given one month grace period.

The reason is that I don't have cash in bank and I cannot go out for a transaction because of the enhanced community quarantine in the Philippines which will last April 13, 2020. You can read the details here.

As of these time we can only go out within a limited area within the town, that is we are prohibited to go beyond another town. It so happen that BDO is located 6 towns away from the location where I reside and faithfully observing self-quarantine.

The world groans, the whole humanity groans

A. Our World Groans

The earth, our own habitat or home has been continually abused through climate change. When I say climate change I'm referring to two connotations as given by scientists. First, climate change refers to the abusive conduct of humanity. To name some, deforestation, the rise of industrialization and machines, improper waste management, and many more. And second, it refers to the climate variability-meaning the natural world cycle. The first primarily results to air and water pollution and global warming.

B. The Humanity Groans

It's an inherent result for humanity to groan. When our home earth is groaning it shares that feeling, that pain, that suffering to whoever is in it. We poison the air, we poison the waters, and we deplete the earth from trees protecting and covering it against the ultraviolet rays of sun, so it naturally gets warm or even hot and we share that warmness or hotness.

When we contribute to the disturbance of the natural cycle it would result to an inconvenient home for inhabitants: all organisms including humans. We are sick, we suffer, we complain, we cry, but nowhere to go, this is our home.

C. The Global Suffering

The global suffering is back up by both scientific and religious standpoints and claims. We have sinned against our home, we inflicted the pains at us and no one will do something to restore it for us.

We have to repent and retribution is a must. Doing something as part of our penalty as we try to get back to the normal situation.

Let us get our home healed and when she is well we will benefit from her wellness. I know for a fact that when I'm sick I'll go to the forest and stay there for days for healing.

There is wonder in caring our world. The health she owns is our own health.

If we want heaven let's make this world our heaven. Free from viruses because she has the healing powers.

Praying for the healing of the world.

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sbarrow4 Premium
Hi Jimmy, I hope everything works out for you. I am sure that the current situation is a wake up call for everybody. We need to care a lot more and learn to be grateful for what we have. Let's pray that we will learn.
have a great day.
laparra1 Premium
Good Morning Jimmy,

Have you talked to Kyle about this? I bet he will have a solution for the members of Wealthy Affiliate who suffer this kind of problem.

Mother Earth is recuperating from her virus=humans and the air and waters are becoming clean. This is definitely a wakeup call for humanity and I hope we are all listening carefully.

I hope that from now on we will live in harmony with nature.

Have you heard about the world meditation which will happen 4/5 of April? If you are interested I will forward the information on a PM.

Stay safe and healthy, Taetske
accad Premium
Yes, I will bring it to him for the second time and I hope they have thought of something for this issue. Not only me but for all who are affected.

Please send me the link so I can see it and share it if possible. Thank you very much.
laparra1 Premium
I will PM you straight away.

Mick18 Premium
I do pray it all works out for you. I wish you all the best.
Stay safe,
CarlaNavarro Premium
Sorry to hear about your situation, and I can totally understand.
We here in California have been stuck at home for going on 2 weeks. Businesses closed, and no income. I get it.

Life as we used to know it, is changing dramatically, and we must find ways to change or correct how we used to live.

I will pray for you and your family, by the way, I have many friends from the Philippines, all wonderful loving people.

I will look forward to your readings when you return.

God bless you,

Makinitwork Premium
My heart breaks. Can back as soon as you can. Yes this time in our life's seems to be the re birthing of a new world. I pray that we have learnt our lesson. I look forward to seeing you come back. Jen