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October 09, 2019
When I woke up this morning I feel better than yesterday.When I opened my latpop and signed in to my email to see messages from Wealthy Affiliate. I received around more than 50 messages of posts and responses from you saying thank you and words filled with positivity.When I saw my rank, I climbed one step upward so I'm now in the 49th.Most of all I am now starting to work with ClickBank as an affiliate. I hope all things work well.There are many things to be happy with but it depends on the ap
This is the second time I hit the top 50 rank in WA. The truth is that I cannot make it this myself alone. This is a concerted effort of the community. I'm thankful to everyone-those who liked and commented, and those who just liked my post.If my rank will climb up I will no longer resist, I will not delay, I will joyfully celebrate for it is such a privilege. I'm kicking and alive, the community is alive, and our learnings applied on online business continue to prosper.May the blessings flow f
October 03, 2019
The book of books define faith"Now faith is confidence in what we hope for and assurance about what we do not see."Confidence in what we hope forTrusting in what we hope for is an essential thing we need to take along the journey. Leaving confidence will let you dwindle along your way.Assurance about what we do not seeFor we walk by faith, not by sight. We may not see what the past generations have seen but we do have the knowledge about it. That ssures us of what is out of our sight but is in
October 01, 2019
This two hundred starter is not about affiliate marketing but it's my experience related to AJ's post-Time Does Not Equal Money.For over two days I had been having trouble on starting my old vehicle. I thought the battery has been drained and I took it to the battery shop to be checked. It was working well.In my mind, when the battery is good and you turn the ignition key and the engine doesn't crank it must be the starter. I'm sure all the electrical wirings are not a problem. I decided to det
This is the truth. I don't have conidence in my capacity to become WA Ambassador. Why?I hit the 29th rank last year and that was only 4 points to be in the Ambassadorship. That would just take me ten likes and I would be there.I Slowed DownSeeing my rank at 29th I slowed down. I never commented on posts and I did not even posted something.I'm confidently uncofidentI felt I lack many things when it comes to affiliate marketing and I could not help the community. I could not even share some succe
September 03, 2019
This morning I received Google Analytics Snapshot for one of my websites performance for the month of August. These include the number of users, publisher's revenue, sesions and bounce rate.But I'm curious more about how did I acquire users for that month: Direct 63.17%, Organic 35.16%, All other sessions 1.67%.Besides I was intrigued by the diferrence between the direct and organic traffics so I searched and I found the following definitions which I think everyone of us can learn from.Traffic
August 31, 2019
Magat DamThis dam is one of the largest dams in the Philippines. We cannot deny the fact that this project has been of help to many farmers and in general for the Filipino people because of rice and fish production particularly in the Isabela province.Kaliwa DamThis week we were engaged in a forum regarding the Kaliwa dam, the newest government project that would submerged around two thousand families if constructed. Besides it has been positive of all the scientific research of engineers that
I have an Amazon account but not Amazon Associates. Is it enough that I have that account and promote products and have commissions?Please advice me.Thanks.
August 13, 2019
It's not the one I used to play when I was youngBut a word that I see here in my WA dashboard below at the right corner.When you click on it, it will bring you at the top in a second. You don't have to scroll up your mouse scroll wheel.This is a little thing that reminds us that Wealthy Affiliate is evolving in every way not only for itself but for the whole community that works within the SiteRubix platform.In our WordPress dashboard do we have this little thing that helps us bring down to the
This week I noticed this statement from AdSenseEarnings at risk - You need to fix some ads.txt file issues to avoid severe impact to your revenue.I struggled to search where to find that ads.txt nevertheless I found nothing. Even AdSense does not have the clear tutorial on how to locate that ads.txt.Does anyone from the community worked succesfully on this and is willing to share how to solve the issue?Thanks for the response that will enlighten us.