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I would just want to know the experiences of the successful affiliate marketers here through the following questions:1. After you have been approved as an affiliate of any program what particular succeeding step is necessary to do?2. What affiliate program has helped you the most of all the affiliates you are with?3. How long were you able to have commissions after having been approved as affiliate?I thank everyone for sharing their experiences, opinions, and successes.
For this week I now regularly receive notice from WordPress that sombody registered as a new user on my website. Currently on two of my websites.This new user registration came when I allowed membership by checking the "anyone can register" box.Is there anyone among us here who have done this? Is this good for the site? What are the pros and cons?Thank you for your answers and your indulgence in sharing your experiences.
A good day for all of us online entrepreneurs.I am blessed this morning receiving this notice from WA: Congrats Jimmy!10 of your pending training Cash Credits have been approved for the training you created.With this I earned a $5 from Wealthy Affiliate. Thank you very much for where in this world you can pick this five dollars? Not only the cash credits that was approved but the training itself. What does this mean? Wealthy Affiliate screens our tutorials, trainings created if it really helps
November 24, 2019
I would like to share with you this badge I recieved two days ago from WA. I never thought I could stay here at WA this long.It was in 2013 when I first subscribec to premium mebership and after a month I was not able to renew until after three years. So in 2016 I came back and dedicated myself to take the online business seriously.I would say, as a newbie I found this venture difficult due to my work in the church. Often times we were too busy and tired and when I open my email I don't have en
One of the posts in Wealthy Affiliate doesn't open. It's the only concealed post. What you will see when you click the email from WA is:What does this mean? is the control policy from WA or from Google?We were notified by Wealthy Affiliate to read this by sending us email, isn't it?Thanks for your wisdom.
November 19, 2019
I receive a letter and this is the content:Hello Customer,I would like to inquire about models/sizes on Car starter you sell,so email me availability and let me know the types of payment you accept.Hope to hear back from you ASAP.Best Regards,Vestal HarnerHarner EquipmentSanta Rosa, CA 95403, USAHow do I deal with this? Maybe he's one of the visitors on my site about car maintenance. Where will I refer him?Thank you for your indulgence.
After you've been approved as affiliate in any of the programs you applied what's next?Aside from promoting affiliate products is it important step to create your online store under the affiliate program?Please share the steps you've been with successes so you can help me and many others here who are newbies.Thank you for coming and sharing your experiences.
Hello, friends, ladies and gentlemen.I can't withhold it and let tomorrow come because I'm so excited and happy about my post ranking which I've mentioned the other day.From 22-11th page, then it went down to 13th page after a day. Yesterday, I revised the metadescription and changed the category, no more.This time it went up to the 1st page in all the three search engines, Google, Bing, and Yahoo, although it was not indexed yet. I hope tomorrow or Tuesday they will all index it.So remember my
October 19, 2019
HistoryHave you heard of gold bars, or have you seen it personally?I've heard many stories here in my country and this is to tell you that Philippines has these resources which have been largely exploited during the Japanese occupation. There are a lot of gold bars burried everywhere but mostly in the Northern part of the country as a result of the leaving of Japanese soldiers after their defeat from the American Army.Retrieved Gold BarsJapanese-In the 20th century many Japanese came back to th
One of my posts is so far from a reality because I see some indicative signs through the post title and images in Google Search Engine.This week I have been observing how this post is being ranked by patiently searching in Google.For the past one week I saw it was in the 22nd page and now it's in the 11th page. I will try to monitor if it will be indexed after two weeks. Beyond that time I will have to revise.Bing, Yahoo, GoogleOf these three search engines why Bing is the fastest to rank posts