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Is there anybody have fixed the issue regarding excluded items your site from the indexed.The sitemap has been successfully run but in the coverage you can see that there are (1) errors, (2) there are valid with warnings, (3) the valid, and (4) the excluded.Is there a way the excluded can become valid if properly fixed, and how it is fixed?Thank you for your help.Jimmy
April 02, 2020
Repeatedly we are advised by the Department of health through the radio, television in advertisements reminding us how this COVID-19 is to be controlled in spreading and infecting a person. "WASH YOUR HANDS"But there is more important to be washed after you have been exposed to the public because these are the passages of viruses, the mouth, the nose, or even the ears. So we should, "WASH OUR FACE".This is not a joke! I'm not a doctor, I'm not a scientist, I'm not even a health practioner. I'm
April 01, 2020
Maybe this is my last post and I will be temporarily hybernating from WA, in case my bill for the month of March is not given one month grace period.The reason is that I don't have cash in bank and I cannot go out for a transaction because of the enhanced community quarantine in the Philippines which will last April 13, 2020. You can read the details here.As of these time we can only go out within a limited area within the town, that is we are prohibited to go beyond another town. It so happen
March 31, 2020
Any one of you could help me identify and solve the problem in one of my sites?Why am I seeing and reading this when I click "View your XML Sitemap"?I think I have installed properly what is needed on my WordPress Dashboard as you can see it on the image belowWhere do you think the issue lies?Thank you for your assistance and rescue.Jimmy
Social distancing and lockdown is the discipline for everyone this time. It's not an option, it must be done, it is the only medicine that overcomes the searching unseen virus. It eventually dies when no new victim.How is our own family, are they well?Are nobody infected? If they are what are the measures, we/you are taking?It's good to be honest in sharing our real situation as a family here in WA.As of today, I'm happy to inform everyone that none of us in the family is victimized. What about
March 24, 2020
As of today March 24, 2020, have already 552 infected with COVID-19 (Philippines)20 have gotten well35 have diedHopefully, the security measures and our prayers are enough to vanquish the unseen enemy.It is only with discipline and trust in the Almighty can find way for our safety around the world.Yesterday, we receive 2 kilos of rice from the government as support to us during the lockdown period.I hope we can receive support from WA also. I'm sure they are thinking about it.We are thankful fo
March 22, 2020
Nobody is excempted infected or not we are all bound to obey.Quarantine and lockdownwe go anywhere within the town perimeter one by one not two by two with a gate pass.banks are closed maybe until April 14, here in the Philippines, or even beyond.drug stores, two persons at a time, people are linging up outside under the heat of the loitering around unless you need something to institutional, organizational, government and non-government gatherings until April 14.Positive Effec
Hi! May I covet your help with regards to PayPal accounts. It is what I use to pay my bills at Wealthy Affiliate but I don't know how it applies to receiving money transfer from anywhere around the world to my bank account.Do I have to set up another account other than my account I'm using on WA, or there is just a little thing to setup?Thank you for your valuable support.JimmyAffiliate Marketing on the Web
I'm so glad that I see some of my posts on Google Search Engine on top of page 1, and ranked fourth in Yahoo Search Engine, page 1, 2nd rank in Bing.The only thing unsure is that how many people will search for that exact keyword, affiliate marketing primal considerations, so they will become the visitors of my website.It's difficult to ascertain the minds of our targets but we just hope what we write here on the internet will be available to anyone who are looking for the answers of their own
When I was younger I was so shallow, individualistic, self-centered.Thanks for the opportunities, the experiences that broadened my mind and see things in different way. I hope I will continue to grow, to mature not only physically but in principles and conduct that would contribute to offer life's meaning to fellow human beings.I promise not to support any form of scams because I value the dignity of my fellow human beings.I do online business with integrity, with ethical and moral considerat