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Woe unto me I'm only a husband. For almost twenty three years as husband and wife we were not blessed with a single child.Appreciation to the Fathers of homesIt's your opportunity to prove that you are a responsible family man.You have proven to the world that you can have your own lineage that continue to prosper.You can be a part and witness to a home that enjoys life and meaning as the father-leader and influencer.You are the person whom your wife and children can be proud of despite of any
June 13, 2019
Our family at this moment is in sorrow for lossing of kuya Jess, my inlaw, the elder brother of my wife.He succumb to heart attack las June 12, the other day, yesterday in some parts of the world. It was that day that we read Donnie's post about lossing his catHe is survived by his wife, ate Joy, and his two daughter and a son.We haven't heard him complained of any illness but we were all suddened.May he rest in peace.Thanks for your prayers of comfort and peace.
ElementaryWhen I was in the elementary grade we have a 15 minute education on GMRC, Good Manners and Right Conduct. In my young age I don't totally understand about it but I can associate this with saying "yes sir/ma'am, good morning, do not steal and so on".High SchoolWhen I was in High School there's no more GMRC but "Values". It was raised into a higher level and terminology but the same principle.CollegeNo more GMRC, not so much on values but "Ethics". The more it goes to a higher level bec
Wealthy Affiliate says, "Too many plugins can cause slower page load times and deter users from coming back to your site. Keep your plugins below 5 to maximize the health of your site."How could I minimize if I needed the following for and according to their use?1. All in One SEO Pack-We cannot simply ignore this, because it features XML Sitemaps, SEO for custom post types, SEO for blogs or business sites, SEO for ecommerce sites, and much more. 2. Contact Form (7)-I needed this for give and t
Good morning Philippines, good afternoon and good evening to other parts of the world.I have registeredt to Traffic Ad Bar maybe three months ago and I noticed there are two things to be done and that is to earn points and earn money by promoting Traffic Ad Bar.I have been inactive evesince but it keeps on sending me updates through emails as you can see in the image above.Has anyone of you in this program?Thanks for the response.Jimmy
I often hear and read about a landing page of a website, maybe just like a landing area for airplain. I don't have yet the interest to know about it and give priority to have it in my site. But this time I am having the urge to understand about it since I read it from Google Analytics.In one of my sites Analytics says it has 10 landing pages as listed. What does this mean?Does a website need to have only one landing page or it should have as many as you can?
Just have a relaxation for a moment from your stressful work. Watch the video.I hope you find this helpful.
This delightful Ganano Falls was discovered 6 decades ago but only opened and gaining its popularity in the 21st century. This is located in the jungle at around five kilometers away from the community proper of Baguio Village, Diffun, Quirino, Philippines. I was there during my more than two weeks of vacation in the countryside last April 21-May 7, 2019.We hope this will remain and be protected by the surrounding residents in the watershed areas. This is where our indigenous culture is riddled
April 17, 2019
First developmentIt's been three years here in Wealthy Affiliate and it's a wonderful venture on the online world. I haven't tried on other platforms, Wealthy Affiliate is my first and I hope it will be my last.It's a lenten season and I have to leave and I have never done this for three years. It's time to go home.As I leave this place, my church assignment, I will be working on my site's logo and doing some centralization of links and campaign as instructed in the Boot Camp in preparation for
Good evening/morning to everyone in the community of WA. I need your help on how to update ads.txt on a website.I applied to and this is what it requires to be done. This is the statement from "We strongly recommend that you implement ads.txt on your website at the earliest to avoid losing out on advertiser spend and therefore, revenue. Update your ads.txt by adding the lines of code below to your ads.txt file exactly as is:", 8CUU7ZX41,, 1