Site Verification Check-Why Significant to Ascertain

Last Update: April 16, 2018

Site Verification Check, why is it siginificant to ascertain every time?

I have often checked my site ownership and I have to ensure that I have employed the four methods such as HTML File Upload, HTML Tag, Domain Name Provider, Google Analytics, and Google Tag Manager.

These five methods are all available for you to use all of them if possible. I have always used the four except HTML File Upload.

I have noticed several times that verification is being obliterated after a certain time it has been verified.

Why I say this? I often check the Theme Editor if what I have placed their are still intact and I keep wondering why the codes are being erased.

Now if you want to check that if the verification is still applicable even the codes were erased go to the Search Console and verify it. In my case for how many times I did because it was no longer binding. Google Search Console has already forgotten me that I am the owner. Now I have to place again the codes.

But do you know that the best verification method of all is the Domain Name Provider? Yes, even everything was erased on your Theme's Editor the most secure which will remain is Domain Name Provider Verification.

That is the reason why I am so insistent in having WA to verifiy my site through Domain Name Provider. For how many times the Site Support said we can see that your site has been verified, I said yes, but I need my site verified in that method so they have done it for in fact they are the only one that can do it for every site they are hosting.

Why this is so Significant?

If your theme is not secured everything you put in it, there will come a time it will be encroached by WordPress, or by the creator of the theme, by yourself, or anyone who has the capability to hack a site you will lost a crucial amount of opportunity and income generation.

Just this week I was being reminded by Google AdSense that ads are being placed on sites I do not own and instead my income grows it is being deducted.

So check your codes, they may be ads codes, or verification codes if they are still there and you will not worry that your time is being invested somewhere else.

However, if they have gone away you better place it again or you better change your theme for a better one.



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Familyman82 Premium
So for verifying your domain name, I have a couple of questions about how you went about it.

1. Did you buy your domain name elsewhere(ie godaddy, namecheap) and point it back to WA servers or did you buy and register straight from WA Platform?

2. What did you list your domain name provider as?

3. Are you saying that you had to have WA Site Support verify your site or is this something you did on your own?

Any feedback you can give me would be greatly appreciated.
JeffreyMead1 Premium
I bought straight from WA and just followed the instructions from the training.

Im not sure what the domain provider is but I think I saw it is godaddy.

I believe when you get you domain name all set up I think WA verifies it. I didn't really have to do anything that I can remember.

It was a really easy process and painless.

Not sure I answered your question with much surety but just wanted to let you know it was pretty quick and easy.

JeffreyMead1 Premium
Oops, I totally answered the wrong question. Sorry
MojalefaR Premium
Good learning information. Kinda very technical for me at the moment, but I am getting familiar with it, every so slowly.

Forever Grateful
Cynthiah1 Premium
Good information. Thanks for sharing.
accad Premium
Thank you Cynthia for appreciating it.
TitaWorks Premium
Thanks, Jimmy.
accad Premium
You are welcome Tita, I hope it helps.
Steven-A Premium
Thanks for taking the time to write this.
accad Premium
It's my pleasure Steve and thank you for your appreciation.
Kickbacked Premium
Nice post! Security is important!
accad Premium
That's right my brother.