I'm back!

Last Update: September 13, 2016

Hey everybody! Well, things are still pretty hectic right now after the flood, and there is still a lot of uncertainty surrounding some parts of my life right now. The fact is, though, I missed everyone on here and was very eager to come back as soon as possible. My finances were a bit tied up last month due to the flood, and that was the main reason I had to temporarily cancel my account. However, things have settled down a bit and so, I'm back for the time being. It amazes me how incredibly supportive this community is. I noticed that I gained some new followers during the time I was gone. I'm sorry that I can't take the time to visit each individual page to say hello, as I've logged on only very briefly for now, but I'd like to tell all my new followers thank you for following me, and I'm wishing you much success with WA. This year has been rough for so many people and so I pray that things begin to look up for everyone feeling really dragged down as soon as possible. I know personally that when you've hit rock bottom, it can only get better. :)

God bless and rock on,


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onmyownterms Premium
*hugs* Things will get better.
ACarley Premium
Thanks, I know they have to, even if it takes a while. FEMA time is definitely not our time, that's for sure. xD