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September 13, 2016
Hey everybody! Well, things are still pretty hectic right now after the flood, and there is still a lot of uncertainty surrounding some parts of my life right now. The fact is, though, I missed everyone on here and was very eager to come back as soon as possible. My finances were a bit tied up last month due to the flood, and that was the main reason I had to temporarily cancel my account. However, things have settled down a bit and so, I'm back for the time being. It amazes me how incredibly s
August 15, 2016
Hey everybody. I hate that I'm having to post this, but as some of you might know, I live in southern Louisiana, an area that has been badly affected by flooding. I haven’t even been able to get back into my house yet :( but I know that the next month, possibly the next few months will be very hectic and unfortunately, this place won't be a priority during this time. It sucks because I've gotten a lot of new followers recently, which is a very pleasant surprise. I hope you all understand,
June 22, 2016
Just wanted to say welcome to everyone that has followed me in the past few months on here! I haven't been on in a few months, and I've had many people following me all of a sudden, so I wanted to thank all of you here and welcome you to WA :) I wish you all the best of luck on here. I've had quite a few days where I just didn't feel my best, but am now feeling a lot better, so I also plan to start posting and doing things on here much more often. Really and truly this time. lolGod bless and ro
December 23, 2015
Hey everybody! I know it's been a long time since I last posted or was even on here...a LONG time...but I just wanted to thank everyone for sticking around even while I've been gone. I have many reasons why I just haven't been on here as much lately, and maybe in the future I can get into them more. I'm not too worried about that right now, though. I'm just determined to finally get back to working on here in the new year and make my website all that I want it to be.I noticed that I've also rec
Hi everyone! As some of you might've noticed, I hadn't really been around for the past few months. It would be easy to think that I just didn't have the time for it anymore, but that's not the case at all.The real problem was with my laptop. For the past several months, it already had slight issues with freezing up, but in the past two months alone, it was getting worse than ever before. And my time on this website wasn't the only thing that suffered either--there is an incredible number of webs
April 05, 2015
Just wanted to tell all of you here at WA happy Easter if you celebrate! Hope everyone has been staying safe as they visit family or whatever it is you're doing this fine holiday. :)
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February 27, 2015
First off, a big thank you to everyone that has followed me lately! I'm surprised that you haven't all forgot about me lol. I could get into the different reasons I haven't gotten to participate on here as much as I'd like--Internet problems, a lack of focus and dedication, etc.--but luckily I've been starting to feel my resolve coming back. So, look out for me as you're going to be seeing more and more of me on here ;) God bless and rock on, Alisha
December 31, 2014
Hey everyone! I know I haven't been on here much at all lately, I'm so sorry! The past month has not only been kind of rough, but I've been so busy lately too. Now that the holidays are out of the way, though, I'm going to be coming back here at full force through January and the following months though. This year has been really rough for me, and I'm sure it's been rough for a lot of you, too. So, I'm welcoming 2015 with open arms. I know that as long as I keep myself looking ahead, 2015 is go
November 23, 2014
Hey again everyone. Just a short post to update y'all on what's been up with me, I know I haven't been on much at all this weekend and didn't want to worry you. Well just as I suspected on Thursday, I do indeed have a cold Dx It's shocking how much a cold can leave you feeling sapped of your energy, enough that you don't even feel like getting online much. I think it affects adults worse than children. I know when I was a child, I never felt this bad because of a simple cold. The good news is t
I can't believe it took me this long to write my first blog post here. Where to begin, though? As you can guess from this post's title, it's pretty cold where I am right now--28 degrees as I write this, in fact. You wouldn't think it could get so cold in Louisiana, especially in November, but it can. Yet because of the immense kindness and helpfulness I have been shown by everyone in just the past few days since I've started here, I can't help but feel all warm inside :) thanks to all of you, I