Indexed by Google in a day!

Last Update: November 25, 2015

I started working on my second website yesterday. Transferred to WA hosting this morning. Been working on content creation and publishing at the same time. I just found later this evening that, Google has indexed it . I am really chuffed. Happened in a matter of a day. Now I have to work on ranking!! :-)

My first website took 5 days to get indexed.

I am sure this is no news to some of you but you can imagined my excitement when the site was indexed with a skeletal content.. lol


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faflsat Premium
welcome back thanks for the follow
TheBuilder Premium
Hi dear. To keep you going, I've prepared a Dose of Encouragement specially for you and for all my other loved ones. Here it is: Hope you will appreciate it.
Have a nice day.
Best Regards
cacao Premium
That's great and you are very fortunate. It's always wonderful to hear about the successes both big and small.
Abs225 Premium
Thanks Cacao for your kind words. :-)