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September 19, 2017
Right, so been away from WA for over 5 months due to tons of reasons worth not going into but all good news. The knowledge and experience I have gained throughout my stay here has been immerse and now I am a better person. I miss the community spirit, the friendship and the bunter that goes on here. I miss the live training that goes on, on a weekly basis, even though I never listened to the live training as the time difference is not conducive for me, I always look forward to the recorded vers
November 25, 2015
I started working on my second website yesterday. Transferred to WA hosting this morning. Been working on content creation and publishing at the same time. I just found later this evening that, Google has indexed it . I am really chuffed. Happened in a matter of a day. Now I have to work on ranking!! :-) My first website took 5 days to get indexed. I am sure this is no news to some of you but you can imagined my excitement when the site was indexed with a skeletal content.. lol .
If you are finding it difficult to set up the DNS setting, this might help. I just completed mine. 1) Log into your namecheap account 2) click on Domain list on the left3) look for the domain name you want to redirect 4) Click on manage on the right5) Scroll down till you are almost at the bottom. Look for other domain setting 6) Look for nameservers, third from the top. 7) Click on edit 8) On the next page it says server type look for custom, it's the last one on the list 9) The next win