Almost Quit!

Last Update: December 02, 2015

I literally was on the brink of temporarily quitting....but I think I'm gonna give WA another chance.

I was considering quitting due to lack of time with school. And I haven't really made nay money since the summer when I wasn't in school.

Since school, I've been posting less than usual. But I guess to be successful, you gotta make the time.

I also feel that my site needs improvement:

Please leave some feedback so I can see if I need to make changes



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truered Premium
Hi Ariel,
I quit WA for two years and regret it! The reason being is I could be dictating my own life terms now such as working from home, more time with family, building websites that help others, basically just choosing my own path. Due to my decision to quit WA two years ago I am still strapped to my job, I have less time with family and I still can't chose my own path because I have to work to pay the bills. having said all that I encourage you not to give up. I heard a quote recently that said; "Don't give up, the beginning of something is always the hardest". You can do this!!!
ABaradarian Premium
Thanks for the encouragement Kim! I will push my best
WalkerSusan Premium
Good morning Ariel (although for you it is afternoon). I love the content of your site but I am a little concerned about how many links you have to things you are trying to sell me. It seems to me that Kyle emphasizes demonstrating your expertise to your audience because without that expertise people are less likely to purchase products from your site. My recommendation is that you go back and review certification Course 3 Lesson 1.
Thanks for allowing me to review your site. It is on my lists of sites to review further. You have interesting information. I would love to read more.
ABaradarian Premium
Sounds like a good idea. I've been thinking about redoing certain parts of the training. I will try to look into it. Thanks!
ABaradarian Premium
Also, do you think I should delete extra links from my previous posts or just leave them?
fyre Premium Plus
Never give in....never give up! <3