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As I mentioned in my last blog post, I returned to Wealthy Affiliate and using WA to boost my blog. Well, thank G-d, I'm happy to say that a lot has changed since...I am halfway done with homeopathy school and have actually started taking in patients via homeopathic supervision (think of it as an internship). I have been bringing in my own clients and helping them on all levels - mentally, emotionally, physically, and even spiritually as well. My blog has in fact helped me as some have found ou
April 20, 2016
I'm back everyone!I noticed when I left, I started actually seeing some more sales, better SEO, and more traffic. Knowing that all of these successes were due to WA, I decided to give WA another shot [at least for now].And just in time for Passover!Happy Passover to WA!- ARIEL
March 31, 2016
Unfortunately, circumstances prevent me from staying in WA at least for now.After 9 months of training and website building, I will be leaving WA, at least temporarily.I really want to thank the entire WA community for being there for me and helping me along the way. I came here to learn about building and maintaining a website and I believe that WA has helped me reach that goal.Due to my busy schedule however, I fear that I will not be able to put enough $ and time to be able to stay in WA. G-
After 7 months of hard work and many ups and downs, which almost led me to the brink of quitting, I finally made my 1st real Amazon sell. Although it's just $1.76, it's still a good feeling as my previous Amazon sales were nullified previously, for reasons I explained earlier in a previous blog. I had actually quit WA for almost 5 days, and this sale happened 3 days later lol. Looks like G-d was giving me a bit of motivation to continue!Additionally, I found that my review of Xlear Nasal Sprays
I recently edited an old post of mine to improve my SEO on homeopathic remedies for anxiety just yesterday. Today, I woke up and I saw that my same article was included in an online homeopathy newspaper called The Homeopathy Info Daily!Here's the link:!scienceHere's proof:I was ecstatic!! Honestly this happened to me 2x a few months ago, but to see this again still feels awesome.And it came at a good time when I have been struggling to build
January 13, 2016
Recently, Google + has not been posting my new posts when I share it on there. It's so frustrating and I contacted Google, but they never got back to me.I am considering using Reddit, after a WA member recommended it to me.Anyone else having these tech issues? I hope not!May G-d help me overcome this
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December 31, 2015
I recently am going over my articles, realizing that they need to be tweaked for better SEO. I redid one of my first ones recently, and now it ha become my first 2000+ word post yet!Due to school and other factors, I haven't been able to work so much on the site and thus $ has been low coming in. Just a few here and there from ads. I have been here so far for 6 months.Nonetheless, this is a good way to end 2015 and to move on to 2016! May this year be full of health & wealth for myself and
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December 02, 2015
I literally was on the brink of temporarily quitting....but I think I'm gonna give WA another chance.I was considering quitting due to lack of time with school. And I haven't really made nay money since the summer when I wasn't in school.Since school, I've been posting less than usual. But I guess to be successful, you gotta make the time.I also feel that my site needs improvement: naturalholistichomeopathic.comPlease leave some feedback so I can see if I need to make changesThanks!Ariel
November 04, 2015
I'd like everybody to welcome HS123 into WA's premium program. She officially signed up today.May G-d enable her to reach financial success speedily!!
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October 22, 2015
Hey all,I was feeling a bit down the past few days, since I lost some Amazon sales and though my site looks good, I wasn't making any sales, except for a few cents from Adsense.I then thought of starting Adwords to boost my site's availability and G-d willing conversions.Just TODAY, I put up an ad for my article on starting a health blog. And it's already on page 1.Not sure if this is normal for ads, but it put me in a good mood and more hopeful for my business to pick up.Thank you G-d!NEVER LO