National Labor Day In Indonesia!

Last Update: May 01, 2019


so today is Labor day in Indonesia. This means people who work for schools, banks, government agencies and offices get the day off!

I myself an working as an English Teacher and I have the day off and boy do I need it. With the end of semester tests coming up and the extra work I have been putting into my website and my YouTube I'm exhausted.

The same rules apply for labor day in the states. All the people who work in the same fields like mentioned above also have the day off, but I think Labor day in the states is on a different day than ours here.

I'm just happy to enjoy my time off from work and share with you guys that it is Labor day here. The irony of it is that even though I have the day off and it's a day to relax, I'm still writing this article and working on my site. I guess there is no rest for the wicked. Lol.

I guess taking a day off of my full time regular job is great because it gives me more time to work on my other part time job which is my site. One day I hope to make my internet work my full time work.

As long as I keep up with the marketing and learning it will surly become my reality.

Never give up!

Thanks for reading and all the best to you all.

Aaron G.

Griffin Lifestyle

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yangetmaij Premium
Thanks for sharing. It's great to know that laborers are also honored in other countries. Have a great day off, Aaron. Good luck and God Bless.
tbowyer Premium
Hi Aaron.

It's the same in Nigeria. I don't live there any longer, but I still remember the public holidays (with fondness and nostalgia for many-a cold beer in urbane company).

Whether at rest or at work, if we are enjoying ourselves and being "quick and alive", well, already we've won, haven't we? 😉

Here's to your day off—and thanks for stopping by. 👍

RosanaHart Premium
Not much rest for the WAers either!
AlanJE Premium
Enjoy your public holiday!
MKearns Premium
first Monday in September in the states Aaron. But celebrated just as much!
AaronGriffin Premium
😁😁😁😁😁 awesome. Thanks