Why I’ve been a little quiet at Wealthy Affiliate.

Last Update: March 01, 2018

Hi everyone,

Just thought I,d drop by as I,ve been a little quiet of late here at Wealthy Affiliate.

It,s not through choice, I was taken ill and spent some time in the hospital diagnosed with some blockage in the kidney, hopefully a stone but possibly something else.

I have a pre-opp assessment tomorrow and then just waiting on a date for an operation.

I will still be active on here as much as possible before the opp and as soon as possible after I get out of the hospital.

I still intend on keeping up with The Super Affiliate Challenge, a little behind schedule on posts but will catch up and struggling to do the 15 minutes a day min in chat room.

Hope to be fully back in action soon.


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Memorylaneuk Premium
Just concentrate on getting better. And definitely don’t worry about the live chat. I have been an epic fail on that one. I have tried but the conversations move so fast, I just end up reading bits of conversations that have already started.
With Grace and Gratitude
theresaann02 Premium
I sure do hope u get over this soon .lord help him and heal his body in jess name I pray amen
beachwood Premium
I have had kidney stones and wouldn't wish them on my worst enemy! I hope the doctors figure out what's going on with you and that you get better and heel quickly!
TRPEng Premium
Get better first. One thing about work is that it will still be there tomorrow.
All the best
MKearns Premium
Best wishes with your recovery. May you emerge charged and ready to go!