I've Reached another Goal Today - Rank in WA

Last Update: February 11, 2018

I joined Wealthy affiliate about 6 weeks ago and during my first week set myself some short and long term goals to reach within WA.

One of those goals was my rank as a member here at Wealthy Affiliate.

I will say here this was not a major goal for me as I fully realise rank here will go up and down but alongside major goals which are longer term and very important to me to attain I wanted to see my rank here rise.

I forgot to write down my starting rank when I joined but I do know it was way above 100,000.

Whilst writing out my goals I write down on a separate piece of paper (all my goals are written down on paper, 1 per sheet) "Obtain a ranking below 1000 by 26th March 2018"

I folded the paper up and put it away in my "WA" drawer.

Now I should say my efforts have not been focused on WA ranking but the goal had been set , it was to the back of my mind and put away in a drawer.

My 3 month goal was to dip under 1000 in the members ranking, I am 6 weeks in so halfway into the allotted time-frame.

This is what I saw when I logged in this morning.

So my advice to everyone just starting on there Wealthy Affiliate journey and also those who have been here for some time is:
  • Set individual Goals
  • Write them down ! Important !
  • Put a timescale to achieve the goal - be flexible, some goals may need the time you have set extending others you will achieve well within the time set .
  • Once written down, file it away, don't obsess about it, the goal is set in your mind.

I can't emphasise enough the need to Set Goals and Write Them Down, once written down, file it away and review once a month or sooner if they are short term goals. Be flexible and when necessary edit your goals.

Keep moving forward, small steps and you will reach that goal and when you do you will feel amazing and be extremely proud of your achievements.

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ElaineS1 Premium
Great Job! I wish I know your secrets. Lol. May you reach all of your goals with ease!
a1jonuk Premium
Thanks Elaine, appreciate your comment, if there is a secret I would put it down to small steps consistently.

buking5 Premium
Congratulations to you...wishing you more success in everything friend.
a1jonuk Premium
Thank you I much appreciate your comment.
skendrick4 Premium
Congratulations on your achievement and thank you for the advice about goals. We all need to remember our goals.
a1jonuk Premium
Thanks Sheila, appreciated.
buffetearns Premium
You are certainly covering some ground! Thanks Andrew!


a1jonuk Premium
Cheers Wayne.
VioletYap Premium
Great Advice. Love it! Happy that you got high ranking!
a1jonuk Premium
Thanks Violet, appreciate your comment.