A Different Way of Looking at Paying Income Taxes

Last Update: December 12, 2013

It doesn’t matter what country you live in, no one likes to pay income tax.

Because people don’t like to give away the money they earned to a government, they spend a lot of time and effort figuring out ways to avoid paying or at least reducing the amount they have to pay. I’m sure a lot of people just plain cheat, and hope they don’t get audited.

My advice is to put that time and effort into finding ways to increase income and don’t worry about the taxes.

Over the years, I’ve asked people this simple question:

How would you like it if you had to pay a million dollars in income tax?

Everyone usually answers in basically the same way;

“No way,”“I wouldn't do it,”“Are you kidding me,” “Never,” "I'd hate it" and so on.

When I tell them that I would love to pay a million dollars in income tax,

it usually shocks them.

Here’s the way I think:

If I’m in the top tax bracket, let’s say 50% just to simplify, half of my income goes to the government (by the way, the United States top rate is 44%, but Denmark’s is the highest at 60%).

If I paid one million dollars in income tax, that would mean that I made two million dollars in income. Simple math would tell me that I would get to keep one million dollars for myself. That equals roughly over $83,000 a month, net.

Could you live on that?

Now if you earn below the poverty rate, you are exempt from paying taxes.

So, with that new information, which would you rather brag about;

Not having to pay taxes or having to pay a million dollars in taxes?

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june99 Premium
one financial advisor told me something similar to that about five years ago. wouldn't you rather give someone a $1 and make $1 for yourself rather than not making any money at all. not that he's my financial advisor, he was someone I used to work with in the same company. and you know what? can't get any clearer than that....
SharronM56 Premium
I'm with you Jim. I'll render unto Caesar's what is his and I'll keep the rest.
6packJim Premium
The more you have to give Caesar, the more you get to keep. So both of you are happy.
IslandMike Premium
I've been on both sides of the equation and believe me it is much better to be paying the taxes (and farming out the tedious accounting and reporting, etc.)! :)
6packJim Premium
You know I agree completely with you.
hart48 Premium
I never worry about taxes.
6packJim Premium
You have the right attitude.
MyJobKiller Premium
Great post ! Don't worry about the taxes , worry about making more money classical !
6packJim Premium
Thanks Anthony, one just needs to get the right perspective.