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If you are an Amazon affiliate, you probably know that you will not make any commissions on your personal purchases. They have very sophisticated tracking software. You might not even get paid on family and friends. I recently joined the Linkshare network. I signed up as a affiliate. They will pay you 4% on all purchases, even your own. I tested it on a small order and they did pay.
February 16, 2014
It's been three months now since I joined WA on November 15, 2013. I became a premium member rather quickly as I took advantage of the Black Friday sale right after Thanksgiving. I didn't start hitting the lessons consistently until after the holidays. Now I try to do something almost everyday. The biggest thing I have gotten from WA so far is HOPE. Hope that I will learn all I need to accomplish my goals, which have grown considerably since I started. Currently I have an offline customer w
February 04, 2014
If you were following my first 2 "Payday" blog posts, you would know that I am now working on straight commission for my first offline marketing project. So, even though I am making progress on my friend's site, no customers have come through yet. That means no sales yet. I am still optimistic about making something happen for my friend's business. Mostly I am very thankful for this opportunity to learn something new with the potential to help both of us. I won't post anymore about this unti
January 02, 2014
Just collected another $500.00 check from my friend for managing the online marketing for his two businesses. I haven't yet generated any new business for him. I know this takes time but I don't feel good about taking his money without giving him something tangible in return. So I made him a proposition today, which he excepted. This will be the last check he will have to give me until he sees some new business from my efforts. Any new business I generate, he will give me 20% of the gross sa
It doesn’t matter what country you live in, no one likes to pay income tax. Because people don’t like to give away the money they earned to a government, they spend a lot of time and effort figuring out ways to avoid paying or at least reducing the amount they have to pay. I’m sure a lot of people just plain cheat, and hope they don’t get audited. My advice is to put that time and effort into finding ways to increase income and don’t worry about the taxes. Over the years, I’ve asked
December 02, 2013
I just collected a check today from an offline marketing client. I wasn't planning on doing any kind of offline marketing, only online. Let me tell you the story. A friend of mine has had his own network cabling business for over a dozen years. He has always tried to get me to work for him doing sales. Prior to retiring early this year I had been in sales (consultant, factory rep, manufacturers rep) for over 30 years. I always managed to resist his offers without jeopardizing our long frie
The internet has all the information one needs to build a successful online business. A lot of it is free. There are courses, ebooks, coaching, PDFs, webinars, etc. Everything needed to be successful. The problem is, it is all fragmented, incomplete. Too hard to put it all together to make any real progress. Wealthy Affiliate, Online Business Community is concentrated knowledge. Everything is here, all put together........the perfect system!