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Last Update: January 14, 2014

Just wanted to take this opportunity to thank WA for enabling me to start my website That includes the excellent training of which I have been slowly absorbing due to my inexperience.

What is amazing is that I am able to start building the website only because of the quality of the information available through WA. Honestly I never used the internet much before except for the source of information to do things off the web.

I was stuck in quite a few places as my understanding was increasing. The WA has bailed me out numerous times with the member training and discusion feedback, thanks to all of you at WA for your kindness and willingness to pay it forward.

A real milestone one day for me will be when I have an answer to another members question. I realize it will come with time and I look forward to blessing as many as possible. I will be releaved to finish the start up and get into the routine of maintaining the site, but I know that will be a few weeks down the road.

As a word of encouragement to the newbies, you are in an excellent place to begin a new life if only you will take up the challenge. The only thing between success and not being there is the amount of determination one is willing to muster. There are many great role models of success in the WA family and I look forward to you becoming one of them.

Good bye for now I must get back to work on my success story. Many blessings to all.


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socalbrandon Premium
Great post. I also agree, the training is really good and straight to the point and the community is so helpful. If you follow the training and stay at it, in time anyone can be successful.
Kierra1215 Premium
Many blessings to you as well. I totally agree with you. With the way everything is broken down bit by bit, step by step, it's hard to even get lost and even if you do, there's a big community of people more than willing to help!!!
vhamilton Premium
It is a lot to learn and it does give a feeling of accomplishment. Good for you.
pcook410 Premium
Congratulations! I know what a since of accomplishment you feel when you've created something like your first website. Keep pushing on----learning more and applying what you learn. Your education here will be valuable to you for years to come.

DoubleTap Premium
Hey there Edward... I know the feeling! It was the same for me when I first started here at WA... couldn't believe how much I was learning. It's pretty much endless too. Guess that's why we refer to it as a 'University'... the education is almost endless!!!