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July 10, 2014
Wow, I would have never guessed that a simple decision would have such a drastic impact on my lifestyle! I am exploring some of the amazing gifts and privileges I immediately received as a child of God once I was born-again. One of the gifts included complete access to the entire wisdom of the Creator, Jesus Christ, so I decided to inquire about the most beneficial place for me to live and enjoy the abundant life He provides. The answer I heard was to relocate to the sunny state of Florida.
January 23, 2014
Hey WA friends. I finally got to the part of my training that asks me to put my website up for everyone to take a look and give me some feedback. It is the first one I ever made so I am sure there will be plenty of things that new viewers, like yourself, would love to see. I will be adding more things as I learn to operate the WP theme and other tech stuff as my skills progress. It would bless me if you would include a training link relevant to the comment that your making. Please leave me
January 14, 2014
Just wanted to take this opportunity to thank WA for enabling me to start my website That includes the excellent training of which I have been slowly absorbing due to my inexperience. What is amazing is that I am able to start building the website only because of the quality of the information available through WA. Honestly I never used the internet much before except for the source of information to do things off the web. I was stuck in quite a few places as my understanding was increasing.
Just wanted to wish everyone a very blessed year and thank everybody for the wonderful network that we are building together. I look forward to 2014 with great expectations and believe that WA has allowed us to be positioned for success. I am currently working on getting my first website together and it would not be possible this fast without the great training available. Thank you for the support, it allows for much confidence as I step onto new territory. I count everyone at WA as my safety
Since this is my first blog turning back will not be an option. This is truly walking on water and every click on this keyboard means I am gaining momentum. My feet are wet and the water feels good, I have officially been baptized into the blogging world. Pop the cork! I'm doing my victory dance now and glad that you can't see it. I have been going through the training lessons and will be appling all the action steps as I feel confident to do so. Reading blogs and profiles from peopl