Off The Beaten Path

Last Update: July 10, 2014

Wow, I would have never guessed that a simple decision would have such a drastic impact on my lifestyle! I am exploring some of the amazing gifts and privileges I immediately received as a child of God once I was born-again.

One of the gifts included complete access to the entire wisdom of the Creator, Jesus Christ, so I decided to inquire about the most beneficial place for me to live and enjoy the abundant life He provides. The answer I heard was to relocate to the sunny state of Florida. I actually was given an exact location and group of people to contact in the area. I will not disclose the details because the answer is personal and references my purpose.

I believe every person was created for a specific purpose and time in history to make their mark on the world and now I am discovering mine. I am not trying to influence your decisions but simply to record what is true in my life. Anyone who cares to read about my experiences will be able to decide for themselves if this is truly "good news" when applied to their circumstances.

I immediately obey the leading and increased my level of faith to the point of action on anything I believe the Holy Spirit is suggesting. I put all my belongings in storage and packed up my Jeep Cherokee and small utility trailer with a few camping supplies then got on the road to my new destination.

I left town with enough funds in the bank to pay my bills and provide for living expenses for about thirty days. On the 29th day I received my first paycheck from the brand new job I started in Florida. One interesting fact, all the contacts and interactions leading to the new job were from people I met during my trip.

You may follow my website for more details and updates on all the supernatural experiences occurring in my life. I have been underground and off the grid for over two months using the leading of the Holy Spirit to explore my new world. I have documented most of my major occurrences in handwritten notes and will be converting the stories to the website as soon as possible.

This is just an update and an apology to the readers following my blog. I know I need to respond to many emails and follows, so I have begun the process and appreciate your patience as I catch up on this aspect of my life. Many blessings my friends and I pray good tidings for all.

Your friend, Edward.

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Funmine Premium
In all your ways acknowledge Him.
Nice of you to share your testimony.
JRCM Premium
Thanks for sharing Edward.
God's blessing as you follow His leadership.
KatieMac Premium
Can relate to your blog the savior is my compass in life, I wish you every blessing
TerryAsh Premium
PTL, Edward! His is leading those who are faithful & desire to be obedient because of His GREAT LOVE for them. Last month, I was sitting in His presence, asking Him for strategy & instructions, when SUDDENLY, I began receiving HEAVENLY REVELATORY DOWNLOAD of 6 to 10 pages of how to proceed with my online consulting business! He has blessed the first website I did--a ministry website in disguise (Jehovah Sneaky strikes again!) as I am still having 2 to 7 people per week signing up--before I even do the upgrade I have planned for it!
We are truly blessed. He has BIG, HUGE plans for His kids who will saddle up their horses & ride out on adventures with Him! If you're around Tallahasse, FL, check out Kings Chapel. Our church here in Alaska just opened an extension there. My Pastor is head of all the churches in North America & our main cathedral in on Ohau, Hawaii.
Welcome to the family of God, Edward, my brother. May the Lord bless your coming & going, your rising up & lying down, in all your ways may He bless you.