Prosperity To You in 2022 - Happy New Year Everyone!

Last Update: Jan 1, 2022

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Hello fellow WA's, Happy New Year!

It's a brand new year! That means, it's also time to set new goals, and plan to achieve more this year than we did in 2021. As long as we keep setting our goals higher, and striving to accomplish more, our success will increase.

As we get older it seems life gets in the way more and more. My goals last year were to get two or three articles done per week done a week. And post in WA more, plus help other people have success.

But, some health issues got in the way. Along with dealing with the Covid regulations everywhere. So, I didn't quite accomplish those goals!

Well it's a new year, and I am not giving up! I will get 2-3 articles written per week in 2022. And I will get more posts in WA done. And I will help others along the way!

I am getting an email list started, and producing that video to get my YouTube channel started!

I always procrastinate and let things slide. Well, this year will be different. I am checking those goals weekly and monitoring my progress. I am overcoming the challenges as they arrive, and not putting anything off.

Each article will be focused on helping others and offering solutions to the problems my audience needs.

My sales will have no choice but to increase.

I can't change the past, but I can control the future. I am going to make this year the best one yet.

I wish everyone at WA the best and most prosperous year ever! May all your writing be easy, with no writer's block! And may all your articles make #1 on Google!

Happy 2022!


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Hey Chas many happy returns to you and your loved ones. Despite all the challenges you faced in the last year, I know with a lot of focus and determination you'll make it. All the best.

Thanks Elodie. Those are two things I need to grow, focus and determination! The best to you as well!

New Year resolutions are always a good statement of intent, written with the best intentions and always interesting how long they may last - until life gets in the way - good luck with your plan Chas!

I am the worst at procrastination, so I have to get started on the right foot and keep the momentum as long as I can. Yes, life has a funny way of derailing plans! I'm hoping for the best!
Thanks Alan, Success to you as well!

Good plan...good luck in 2022.

Thank you Fran,
The best of luck to you as well in 2022

It's so important to set goals, and more importantly stick to them. I'm setting similar goals with regards content and Youtube videos. Wishing you the very best in 2022

Thank you Kathy,
And the very best to you as well.
To success and meeting our goals!

Chas, happy new year to you
Thank you for sharing your thoughts about your journey
Sometimes life is like that

The important thing is that now you've reflected and taken action to showcase your business vision.

You can do it
We are all rooting for you
Looking forward to hearing more about your progress

Thank you Simone,
Yep, I have posted them and that is the easy part. Now, the work begins!
I look forward to having some success to share with you as well!

Looking forward to hearing about them ;)
Keep the momentum going

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