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Last Update: May 21, 2017

Sometimes it can be difficult to find your niche. Sometimes it is easy. Either way, think of it as a term paper, pick something that interests you, brainstorm and research. If you have training in an area and it’s something you think others would like, write it down. Do you have a talent like writing, singing, woodworking, fixing cars, thrifty shopping, saving money, retirement issues etc? My husband asks me all the time what he would have a website on if he chose WA. I believe in following your passion. Maybe you love animals and want to educate people on caring for them properly. You can be a blogger and recommend products or services, debunk urban myths, comment on the latest fashions etc. Use for your keyword choice and remember you may have narrow down the search a bit. Instead of using bowling, use bowling accessories or bowling techniques for women/men/children etc. You may have to think outside the box a bit. The free trial of Jaxxy has a limited number of searches so if you are not ready to buy a membership then write your ideas down and play with the word arrangement first. The keyword tool on the left side of your screen is also a great way of finding a niche keyword. Explore the options and see how it feels to you. This should be fun not stressful.

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BobbyCorno Premium
Excellent advice, thanks! Best wishes for your success!
mickeyb123 Premium
Great ideas and a great blog that points all of us to better use of our time.
superman42 Premium
I was petrified of this topic when I first started all of last week so I kept it simple. I made the first website and "niche" about WA and the affiliation program and building an online business, so as to keep with the training and be able to implement post ideas. You are absolutely right though, the more I have been thinking and brainstorming I think I am almost ready to finally dive in and pick something to start prospecting income. Thank you for the post.
1VibrantLife Premium
So glad to hear it. Best of luck.
pablocortina Premium
Good point. Excellent attitude