Oh boy, this site!

Last Update: January 17, 2018

I am enjoying this site tremendously! I have received a lot of insight from many members here and I truly appreciate their knowledge and their willingness to

pay it forward!

Thanks a bunch to all of you here on WA!


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MarkBa Premium
Good stuff Michael! It's a great place to be. Wishing you well for the future. ~Mark
19maw61 Premium
Thanks Mark! It truly is!
GBridgart Premium
A time to get excited with your premium membership so many doors will open
SurfsideBob Premium
Very cool Michael, welcome to WA Premium. There's a TON of resources and assistance here. Please let me know if there's anything I can do to help. Peace my friend! :-)
19maw61 Premium
Thank you Sir!
This WA is a place that each person means what they say!
Kyle Premium Plus
So glad you are enjoying your experience Michael. We are truly a pay it forward community and it is great that you are getting a sense of that. :)

I look forward to seeing your progress moving forward!
19maw61 Premium
Thank you Kyle!
I only wish I’d have found WA sooner!!
Fleeky Premium Plus
So true...