Don't fall for the platitudes, life is predatory

Last Update: Jun 9, 2023

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Fresh off of a post that seems to be popular, where the theme is one of a love/light nature I thought it an omen to introduce its counterpart.

I can remember many years ago when I first got online, I was astounded by the many varying groups.

This was back in the old AOL days, although I was late to the party having arrived at 7.0.

I can remember quickly encountering the love light groups as they tended to frequent a lot of the spiritual corners I was drawn to participate in.

I found quite a few good folks during my travels there, as well as a lot of frauds mouthing the words yet whose actions quickly bore out they weren't so love and light in their hearts.

One interesting fact I couldn't deny however was most of those who were trying hard to embrace love/light often were afflicted with horrible physical conditions and often horrible social conditions.

Pretending the life you experience isn't real.

Dependent on the person, I would either keep my fingers shut on issues being discussed by them out of compassion. Or would correct a person who was over the top and you could tell they knew they were full of you know what.

I was a younger, more idealistic person back then (that's a kind way of saying I was foolish).

Enough that my heart went out to many folks who had such horrible crosses to carry they had to pretend things weren't as they are.

Life is predatory.

Life itself is a predatory environment.

Life being a movement, one where something is displaced or consumed by another.

We consume other life for energy. Other life consumes us for energy.

Due to scarcity and struggle to obtain, folks will plot and act on others to take what they imagine they need. Which for some folks who are hoarders of resources can leave very few crumbs on the table for the rest of us.

Domesticating the flock.

Due to living in constructed bubbles, many folks have been convinced life isn't predatory. Despite all to often our own fellow peeps are some of the largest predators we can encounter.

In business we can often see these masks of domestication ripped off as soon as we acquire a market share someone else either had or wants for themselves.

If you look at online business experts and their companies, I can guarantee you one thing.

They had (and have) predators probing for weakness, seeking to take their digital food from their plates.

But these leaders in their respective fields know all to well how to deal with these predators.

One of the top ways of fending off predators is by forming a group. Which is why so many experts we look to in online business (and other areas) are usually personable and quite charitable with their helpfulness.

Using WA as an example, there are some predators online who will make it their focus to talk bad about this platform. Then will try subtly shifting you to the area they wish you to move to where they will get new resources from your action.

I've read my share of this type of content, and can tell you now this is just a law of life. If something (like WA) is successful, others will covet what is on the WA plate and seek to take it for themselves.

Understand one day as your business grows they will want what is on your plate too.

We mentioned a moment ago about building a group around you. By being genuine and helpful. A lot of folks appreciate gestures of kindness that puts something on their plate by another and allowing them to not be the predator.

The second part to fending off predators is keeping yourself in the know. Understand the positions and topics of your business so you will know what areas to highlight, what areas to defend and how to defend them.

If you know your ins and outs, it can quickly shut down those who prefer to use subterfuge as their weapon of choice. It also leaves the predators who are sharper little room but to agree lest they lose their own credibility.

Yes, you are an online predator if you want to be a successful blogger.

There is only room for one site at position one on Google search.

Same with all the positions on that first page respectively.

Your goal is to displace those folks, preferably the first spot and take over the resources afforded to it.

Love and light isn't taking that spot.

Understanding that top spots strengths and weaknesses so you can displace them is the proper predatory mindset to taking it from them.

And you are taking it from them, that's what you wish.

No one in their right mind is writing their post hoping to be buried behind all the other sites on page 89 of Google.

Love and light is great, in bubbles one can build once they have become a successful hunter.

Don't forget, you are the hunter here and you are here to learn how to hunt better than others in your niche.



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Recent Comments


Hey Sting!
I appreciate your honest perception of life, and that’s your viewpoint! As it has been visible the struggle for resources and competition for success. While it may hold some truth in certain aspects of life, it is important to approach this issue with a balance view.

While it is true that there is competition and scarcity in many areas of life, it is equally important to acknowledge the existence of cooperation, support, compassion and the potential for positive growth. Humans are capable of empathy, kindness, and building strong communities that support and uplift each other. We experienced this in WA community! We get the support from our leaders, Kyle & Carson and the WA experts plus Site Support ( when we have site issues).

It is true that in business and other competitive fields, individuals may encounter predatory behavior from others seeking to undermine their success. However, it is is not necessary to adopt a predatory mindset to succeed.

Success can be achieved through hard work, innovation, collaboration, and providing value to others. It is possible to create a thriving business or pursue a fulfilling career without resorting to predatory tactics.

While it is important to be aware of the challenges and potential predators in various aspects of life, it is equally important to maintain a balanced perspective that acknowledges the positive aspects of humanity and the opportunities for growth and collaboration.

Appreciate your deep profound and honest insights Sting!


Hi Maria,

I would counter that everything around you is a competitive environment, from the rules shaped around you, the choices you are allowed etc.

Using just your own field as an example, why is medicine and care unaffordable for most in the U.S., yet just across an invisible line to another country one can get the same exact medicines and care for pennies on the dollar?

Who set that up and why?

Are there folks getting filthy rich off of this setup?

How come if I were to buy up some stocks and start pushing them online I can be fined by the SEC and possibly jailed, but if I have an office inside certain buildings it's ok?

I could type this list endlessly all day and barely scratch the surface.

Instead, I will suggest that it's because the structures around us are predatory and in many instances have nothing to do with our benefit and instead is meant to separate the coins from the lint in our pockets. And if some folks become casualties to these systems those who foist them on us really don't care.

On another angle, you say this

"While it is true that there is competition and scarcity in many areas of life, it is equally important to acknowledge the existence of cooperation, support, compassion and the potential for positive growth. Humans are capable of empathy, kindness, and building strong communities that support and uplift each other."

I would ask you to consider why you attach this to solely being in the realm of love light and not one of many tools in the arsenal of the predator hunter?

Thanks so much as always for reading and leaving your thought-ful comments. I knew this post was going to manifest some contrary thoughts before I set out writing it, but am hopeful it will serve as food for thought on what is as opposed to what is desired.

Regards, and hope you had a nice night last night at work.



I had the worst night ever! And I am still mad on how the staffing set up was done ~ really extremely mad!

You’ve raised valid points about the competitive and predatory nature of CERTAIN SYSTEMS & STRUCTURES in society. This discussion will reach no bounds.

Once again, we can AGREE TO DISAGREE on certain things .

While acknowledging the existence of cooperation and compassion, it’s important to recognize that these qualities can coexist with the understanding of the competitive and predatory nature of certain systems.

As people come together to advocate for change and seek alternative solutions, cooperation and support within can help address and mitigate the negative effects of these systems.

I had the horrible night! Couldn’t get my mind to rest!

Enjoy your weekend Sting 🦂

Hi Maria,

I'm sorry you had such a bad night. I hope the schedule didn't place you with the snake. :(

If you work tonight, I hope it goes more smoothly for you.



Hey Sting!

I didn’t work last night. I was off on the weekend. I am working tomorrow (Monday) and then Wednesday & Thursday!

Was trying to delegate my responsibilities, as I have an essential role to play in our alumni reunion in San Francisco, and I decided not to attend, due to conflicting schedules!

And no, my issue was nothing to do with my snake co-worker. She is trying to schedule away from me. Even if we got scheduled together, it would not bother me. But it would certainly place her in an uncomfortable state!

It’s a beautiful Sunday! Hope you got to enjoy it !
When do you work again Sting?
How’s Phyton class?

Enjoy the rest of the evening Sting!

Maria 🌹

Hi Maria,

I had to sleep through much of it, same as today.

Your spirits seem better. :)

I'm actually considering adding a different class to focus on before jumping to deep into the Python.

I work tonight and again tomorrow night. My coworker was tweaking last night which made the night even more intense.

Hope work goes well for you. About to head into Kyle's class tonight, although I haven't taken any of the earlier PPC classes.



Hey Sting! Good morning! Hope your night is not as crazy as mine! Immediately after Kyle’s class, it’s a non-stop calls from all departments.

Hope your co-worker was not tweaking again last night! What was she tweaking with?

My spirit was much better when I slept off my frustrations, and Tom talked me out of not creating more fuss about the situation.

Kyle’s class was fantastic last night! I will be then going for the PPC this time. I held off starting it, until this time.

What class are you adding on? Is it complicated?

I am off for one night, and I want to utilize my one day off properly, as I will be busy with social functions.

Have a good sleep Sting!

Maria 🌹

Hi Maria,

Was a long one and glad it's in the books. Guessing you are as well from your description.

I don't think she was this time. I suspect she was either on meth or adderall possibly the night before. Her energy and composure was bizarre and agitating me it was so off. When folks are tweaking it makes me uneasy.

It's good that a nice sleep was able to allow you to reset with support from Tom.

Don't spread yourself to thin. I know you've been working on your YouTube videos and the ads could serve as a distraction. I'm the king of distractions so know of what I speak. :D

I'm looking into taking some AI prompt engineering courses. I'm wondering if I might make some money from it quicker than I will with my blog project.

Oh, I have news. Last night someone in live chat during class had an issue with their website not displaying in mobile and I was able to walk them through fixing it. I was so pleased I was able to help someone figure something technical out. I'm really learning a lot here. :)

I hope you have a great sleep as well.



What do you mean, when you say “tweaking “? What does she actually do that annoys you?

Sometimes sleep can change a person’s perspective on things. Our new director is young and inexperienced, and more often, she makes stupid decisions. We clashed in most of her decisions - as oftentimes, it is unsafe for both the nurses and the patients.

That particular night, she knew that I was getting a case that would require a lot of procedures that needs to be done on the baby, and yet she gave me a partner that has no experience. That poor nurse was so scared the entire time! I understand that. So I was being nice to her ( as it was not really her fault, and she was trying very hard to be helpful, but since she doesn’t know how it’s done, my explaining to her, every procedure, delays it more - and that was super aggravating. So I wrote a complaint, which my co-workers read the next morning, and suggested that I sleep over it, as it may cool me down. When Tom read it, he didn’t agree that I forward the complaint.

Yeah, the AI Engineering courses, would make you more money quicker and earlier than your blog project.

When did you have time to help someone in “Live Chat” last night? Our class ended at 9 pm? Now I am convinced that you are the king of distraction! 😉

The ads would bring in the money faster than the YouTube video, if set the right way. 🤞

Now, I am going through Vitaliy class on Google ads, after I finished my response to you. I am planning to sleep tonight.

You won’t believe how many PM s I get from the newbies that needed reassurance/ advice. Sometimes, I am tempted to ignore, but I can’t ( as I place myself in their position, and I would want prompt response as well.

Have a good sleep Sting!

Maria 🌹

Hi Maria,

As to the tweaking, she was talking non stop, as she rocked and shifted around the entire time, I mean a LOT non stop. This is not her normal mode, and she has a history in her past of drug abuse which is why she doesn't have custody of her three children. The symptoms were of a drug like Meth or Adderall.

I found her very off putting enough I wanted (more than usual) to go home.

I'm sorry to hear about the young directors inexperience resulting in dangerous or more time consuming situations.

I wonder on something though. The new partner who has no experience. The only way the person will gain experience is by participating in hands on situations.

Is it possible the director was increasing the value of this person using one whose experience is respected (You) to give that experience? There are certain drawbacks to being competent and excelling at ones work, which is training often falls on your shoulders (without the training pay sadly).

I'm glad your coworkers and Tom were able to divert you from acting hastily. Sometimes when we get irritated (I'm a Leo so this has happened to me a lot, hah hah) we say or act out rashly in the heat of the moment, and in hindsight wish maybe we had more diplomacy. Not that the action was usually wrong either, just that it created an enmity that could have been avoided as it didn't change anything other than letting off some steam.

I'm so glad you are the type that listens to others counsel. When I reach that point I don't wish to hear from no one, it's scorched earth time and I could care less what bridges get burnt in the process.

I was surfing the site during class as I was only interested in the AI portion. I'm not super interested in Google or Bing ads so I saw one of our members asking Kyle for help in live chat because their site wasn't showing up in mobile at all.

I recognized some of their issues from my own back when I first started, so opened my website up and began walking them through the various menu locations till we got it figured out.

I was so impressed that I felt comfortable enough even attempting that. One of the goals I listed as my reason for coming was to learn WordPress, and while I still have much to learn I in no way could have done what I did last night when I first joined.

I would suggest as regards the ads and YouTube is the YouTube will always be there working for you and the ads will need to be paid for again and again. So slower immediate results but wins the race as it slowly always moves forward.

Regardless, I wish you much luck in it and ask you not be deterred if it initially is a money sink. It usually can be as one hones their ads through testing. Many who get great results like Kirk do so after dropping a lot of money learning their mastery. You should search through his blog too for any thought she shares on the subject.

That's kind of you to help so many. I'm lucky as folks don't reach out to me, hah hah.

I hope you have a nice evening. I'm having dinner shortly and then class and ready for work.



Hey Sting! I am reading your response while we are having pizza, as Madison’s friends came by for a swim.

Meanwhile, I got another PM with the question, Does”dog treat subscriptions” sound like a niche that would do well? What do you think ~ 😊

Btw, after coming out of my nap, I watched Tim’s class. So that must be the class for the day! I am not sure!

It’s strange that your thoughts on the experienced with the inexperienced echoes similarly with Tom’s. I don’t mind teaching and when that happens, it is usually scheduled, and another nurse should be the back up ( if he’ll broke loose) . Remember, we are dealing with really sick babies. But this situation was an oversight and is not really fair for all people involved. Plus the amount of crying of all the babies, compounded to the problem, and no one to help us control the situation!
But it’s past now!

The Leo reaction brings a smile to my face. Don’t I know you all so well?

There are instances that I would listen and times that I don’t!

I am very impressed with your confidence in applying what you have learned and was able to helped that person. And in “ Live Chat” nevertheless! Wow! 🤩

It seems as what you described that your co-worker must be with something! So , how did you deal with it throughout your shift?

With the ads, I may just do it for a month, and see what luck would bring me. I can evaluate my ads every week anyway. Vitaliy has an excellent series on Google ads that I can review back.

Oh I see that there is a class with Tim at 8pm!

Okay Sting, enjoy your dinner, and your class. Hope your work tonight will not be as stressful!

Maria 🌹

Hi Maria,

On the dog subscriptions I wonder if the commission is recurring? If so, it could prove lucrative long term, a form of residual income.

As for my thoughts similarity to Toms, great minds saying comes to mind, hah hah. He comes across in your writing as a really great guy, very balanced. Likely more so than myself, or you do a great job of edification, or both.

Thanks for sharing my enthusiasm on being able to help another. I've always felt that was the true barometer on whether one is learning and understanding what they have learned. :)

As for my coworker, I had to push myself to operate from an area away from the huge agitation she was creating in me. The job makes me do this anyway, but it was a real chore adding her issues on as well. She and several of my coworkers make me feel at times I'm living within a Jerry Springer episode. :(

Work is done now for the week outside the home, time to attack the AI over the next few days. :)

Hope you had a restful sleep. Erics class starts in a bit so heading there now.



Hey Sting!

I encouraged her for the “dog treat subscription “. I thought it is a good niche to work on. Thank you that you felt the same way.

If you remember, I have been mentioning that you and him are similar in many ways. He’s a Sagittarian, that matches well with an Aquarian. He does not have the temperament of a Leo, but he has his moments. I just don’t counter, when he has those. That’s why we’re still married! 😉

You seem to be pretty confident with what you’ve learned here in WA. And has been pretty helpful as an ambassador. And has been in all the classes Premium Plus offers.
Even with the interaction with fellow WA, you seem to be more
liberal. I think you are beginning to warm up and be open. I see your positive energy which is encouraging. 😊

I believe that you need a change in work environment. Your present workplace does not bring anything good in you.

You have enough days to work with your AI. Hope you find yourself productive in your many days off.

Immediately after Batman’s class I was called for an emergency. We have some few potentials, but at the moment, I can do some WA work.

You seem to forget sending me that “Live Chat” exchange you were mentioning about earlier.

Anyway, thank you for this response! You seem to elicit some good aura!

Have a relaxing evening Sting!

Maria 🌹

Hi Maria,

The similarities are likely due to both of us being a fire sign. My son is one, but his temperament in my opinion can be much worse, hah hah.

His largest downfall is his sense of superiority over others makes him condescending and he is incapable of seeing it. I can be that way but am always able to see it and modify most times (unless I want it to show).

Tom sounds like he may have a better grasp on self reflection than my son.

Confidence isn't something I normally lack. If I do in an area I wish to be proficient in, I have no issues diving in until such a time as I can rectify the issue and be confident. :)

I do believe I've seen some positive changes in the platform as well that has accompanied my warming up. But I also have put into perspective that some of the various personalities that haven't meshed well with me can be separated from the benefits I get from the platform.

Even if the person(s) are high up on the rung of rankings here. I also believe that Kyle has been open to me, although I haven't bothered him with personal views and only times where there is an issue (the trolls).

I definitely need a change in work environment, however, it's difficult to find a job on the hours I'm available (it has to be third shift), that can be done by me physically as I'm not young anymore, and refuse that injection as this state still pushes it hard.

I was actually denied a job as a facility manager when we first moved here a year ago because of my refusal. I was pretty much being offered the job when as an afterthought the district manager interviewing mentioned that I would need to provide my records of the injections, which shut that down quick.

Seems absurd any company can still require it, but it is what it is. The laughable part is the state I moved from I was a medical courier transporting all of the Covid tests for the states of New York and Vermont, hah hah.

I do hope your night was able to end on a good note.

And, I sent the screenshots. There are three of them although they mostly duplicate themselves.



I don’t know about the fire sign. In the book I have read, one of the signs that Aquarius is compatible with is Sagittarius. Then another one is Libra and another Aquarius. Leo is NOT!
And I am surprised that Leo has played a significant part in my life though .

I think when Tom was younger, he was difficult to deal with, according to my mother-in-law. Perhaps behaving like your son. That’s why when he met me, he probably met his match, that’s according to my mother-in-law again, so he matured and mended his ways. There were many things that didn’t fall right at the beginning. But as he was pursuing me, I have a better handle of how things should go, to the delight of his family, more so his mom. This is when I won them all. And back then, if I have a problem with him, I call his mom. Which according to Frankie is “evil”!!! 😉

And just like you, he is beaming with confidence, as he knows he’s got the brain, but he’s introvert, selective of who he labels as his friend, a loner, but with really great sense of humor.

As we seem to be back to normal, l don’t think the Covid shots is even required for employment anymore. The protocols were lifted already.

My night was not as busy as the previous, but has a last minute admission, that delayed our going home.

That’s why it’s taking me a longer time to get relaxed, and wind down. And I have another work night.

Yeah, I got the screen shots and I responded.

So, in your days off, be productive, as I want to hear more about your class.

Okay, Sting, I’ll leave you to your day, as l take as much sleep as I can.

Maria 🌹

Logged in before going to take a nap.

I'm also an introvert despite being a Leo. I don't like a lot of folks and find it hard to interact as I just don't have the desire to wear pretensions.

And Frankie is right, it's evil although it wouldn't work on me as I'd tell my mom to mind her own business. :)

In my state the shots are still a religion. :(

Hope you too get some good sleep.



What are the different kinds of zodiac signs? Fire, water, what else?

You surprised me when you said you are an introvert, as I’ve known them to be social and extrovert , proud and very likable! Maybe when you were younger! Sometimes age changes you! 😉

Tom greatest attribute was his respect for the elderly. That erased all the negative traits he has. As that was important to me. You know how Italians are so patriarchal but matriarchal in the way they run their household. His mom is very kind, but you can’t disrespect her, so you can’t say “ Mind your own business Mom” - as it doesn’t work! Frankie knows! That’s why he told me it’s “evil”, as l used the only effective weapon l know!

Check your state, for the latest Covid protocols. Who knows, may be they get updated by now! You will be a great manager, as you can run a company like a well- oiled machine in a Gestapo-sort of way! 😳😂

We’re you productive today? What class were you adding up with Phyton?

It’s amazing how great the summer is! Very pleasant and just right! Very relaxing!

I had a good sleep only to be awakened by the barking dogs, as a person wants some eggs, and no one was in the house except me.

I discovered some few things that you can use if you want to do YouTube, without showing your face. I am trying to do comparative study, as to what would really work well.

Anyway, you know what I am doing now as I got ready for work— multi-tasking (again), as always.

Hope you had a really good nap 😴 . The afternoon weather was just perfect for a really good one!

Alright Sting! Got to go!

Maria 🌹

Hi Maria,

The signs are air, fire, water, earth.

I can be an extrovert if needed, just studied perception so much and see through the energy to much to want to squander mine on false social energy.

I wouldn't make a good Italian. I pay my own bills and don't need any permission from my mom, hah hah. Felt that way since I was a kid running away from home. :D

My state had turned the pandemic into a religion. :(

I've not been productive for business since being off. Hopefully tomorrow.

Hope you had a nice night at work.



Hi Jason, you have a very warped unique thinking about how life is a predator. I agree with you on that aspect to a certain extent because many online and offline scammers prey on innocent people. It causes them to lose a lot of money. Also, people can be serial killers and murderers, and the whole nine yards of how evil life can be because there is no love or light in them, as you explained in this post.

Somewhere inside of them, it's there, but they allowed it to destroy themselves. A hunter hunting its prey, and all they do is take the life out of them. I know you're not talking about that kind but a different kind related to business. To be hunters, we need to hunt down and tell people to avoid being taken down by scammers and all these trolls that lurk around the place. The making money online niche is so full of them. It's hard for people to trust they end up buying a program that doesn't even work and costs them a lot of money. It's normal for people to be skeptical.

Thanks for writing your deep philosophical insights.

Hi Brenda,

I would ask warped compared to what exactly? You don't have to answer here, as I ask as something for your reflection.

Thanks so much for giving it a read and your impression on it.



Hi Jason,

There is no comparison. And it is not an insult! It's a compliment. I'm not going to go there to answer your question today. I do not have the time for that deep reflection. Perhaps another time I can ponder your question. 🤔. As of now, have to keep my mind focused on blogging on my website. Thats my plan for today. Enjoy your weekend!

Hi Brenda,

I didn't take it as an insult and did for sure as a compliment.

I hope you were able to get a lot accomplished today. :)

I was away for family gathering that I would have preferred not dealing with so didn't get anything accomplished.

Have a nice evening.



Hi, Jason

Great post!

I was lucky enough to get through the majority of life without taking a predominantly predatory approach. I prefer setting new challenges for myself over having to take things from others. True, that may not be the shortest distance between two points, but it helps me grow as a person.

I have always made it a point to choose admiration over jealousy. If someone can do something better than me, admiration allows me to learn from them and become better for it, whereas jealousy detracts from who I am and leads to discouragement and failure.

When I was in 7th grade, I was lucky enough to meet someone who played the guitar about 100 times better than me. When he saw how much I admired his skill and talent, I ended up playing in his rhythm and blues band with a group of musicians in their mid-twenties. I learned tons of stuff from them playing these dinky little guitar parts on my Sears and Roebuck guitar. Lol

This kind of thinking can also lead to a more "pay it forward" approach. When I was doing clinical training as a medical student, the tech that did the portable X-rays (you know, that X-ray machine they wheel around that makes the elevator sink down an inch when they get on, lots of fun) had a reputation for being a legendary a-hole.

I spent so much time trying to convince him to do a stat x-ray on my sick patients. One day I walked into his office and caught Harold watching Rocky and Bullwinkle. I told him how much I loved cartoons, and we formed a bit of a friendship. He would even page me to come and see one of his favorite episodes. Lol

I eventually learned that his disgruntlement was based on the fact that he wanted to be a radiologist but couldn't get into medical school and was a "terrible" guitar player. It took me hours to teach him how to play Eric Clapton's Layla. This pay-it-forward approach helped us both because I was the only person in the hospital who could get a stat portable X-ray for my patient without having to beg and plead. Lol

Recalling the early days of online behavior in the '80s, before websites and social channels became a thing, there were online "bulletin boards." Remember those? You may not be old enough. Generally speaking, you had to be invited into the group or apply for admission. It was a lot easier to group up according to interest and know who you knew you were dealing with.

Grouping up can be a good thing, but we have to find the right groups. There's nothing wrong with grouping diversity as long as we know who we are. We often group up according to who we are as a person and our educational background.

My main groups are related to a combination of both. So music, medicine, and biomedical engineering. Notice how I put music first. At a certain point, I became involved in the last two, but I have loved music for as long as I can remember.

My "musician's mentality" has made life a lot more positive, even when times were tough. I don't look at life as choosing to be an optimist, pessimist, or realist. I prefer to think of it more as seeking a positive versus negative approach.

Although I use analytics and whatever else is at my disposal, my main SERP-ranking strategy is based on my desire to write the best articles possible. As it gets harder and harder to rank above the fold, with ads, videos, people also ask, and now AI, all taking up prime real estate, we might need to come up with less-predatory approaches to ranking well.

Sorry, a lot of random thoughts here. Maybe it's time for another cup of coffee. Lol

Have a fabulous Friday and upcoming weekend, Jason! 😎
Frank 🎸

Hi Frank,

I've read your comment twice now before crafting a reply.

It seems to me that due to negative connotations associated with the word predator most will choose not to see their own mindsets and choices as being such. As well as overlook that often the most predatory thing a person can do is something that benefits others.

A true hunter is capable of appreciating and honoring the things it hunts. Not all do of course, but many do.

I picture here early man, trying to survive before we had the means of carving out these bubbles of pavement we have today.

In the natural scheme of life, man is one of the more fragile animals. By ourselves surrounded by animals in the wild, we are hard pressed to be safe from animals whose physical attributes are higher on the food chain.

It was the ability to understand that we had to herd together to fight off these stronger creatures that led to our also understanding we could then hunt these same creatures and elevate ourselves on that same chain.

It's ingrained in us as a survival instinct to be a herd animal, for good and bad.

In regards to your personal experiences you chose to hunt in an elegant manner.

Instead of trampling along the path to getting your resources (in these cases guitar skills and bonding with Harold, the difficult tech) you understood that by being the Brutus hunter you would likely go home still hungering for those skills and access to Harold's machine.

Your mind is made for hunting, and as such you see better traps that will capture those who possess the resources you need, offering them alliances that will be beneficial to all.

You are a top tier hunter, barely leaving traces of where you've been as you acquire your resources and grow. Most will never view you as a threat, never understanding the shrewdness of the hunter whose quiver is full of arrows of kindness.

Unless there comes a day when you take their spot. Which I'm sure has happened every now and again in the arc of your life. :)

You are an optimal hunter, never limiting yourself to any one trap, choosing to be an optimist, pessimist, or realist. I prefer to think of it more as seeking a positive versus negative approach.

I have no doubt that if the environment necessitated it, you would be very capable of donning a negative approach to protect what is sacred in your world.

You are a winner.

Thanks for your quality comment, I think it a great opportunity to examine that being predatory can also be done many times with a positive intent, although in the end something is still going to be displaced.



I’ve always meant to ask. Does your wife enjoy music as much as you.
Luckily my “ ball and stone” argghhh ouch hehe…has the same twisted sense of humor as me.

Thanks for your kind words, Jason.

I agree that searching for and embracing opportunities in life still makes me a predator of sorts, even if it's a "win-win" situation. 😎

My wife says I have an uncanny ability to make people relax. That has served me incredibly well in my practice of medicine. For example, it's hard to imagine how much trust a patient needs to have in a physician to let me do things to them, like begin a regimen of chemotherapy to treat a horrible disease like cancer.

That trust and respect need to be earned. You can't just show someone a fancy medical degree hanging on the wall and expect it to happen.

Being able to make others "drop their shields" could be a huge predatory advantage, but I have never purposely used it that way.

Being honest, I got where I did with a lot of hard work and even more good luck. Lol

Rock On! 🤘
Frank 🎸

This is spot on, and a large misstep for so many in the medical field today in my opinion. I witnessed so much arrogance in the last many decades (mostly the doctors my dad went to see) from doctors, especially ones who also seemed apparently inept, that it did much to foment a distrust in myself for many in the field these days compared to when I was much younger.

In the growing rarity of finding doctors who can create that trust, their patient loads quickly fill up making them inaccessible for many I think.



Hi, Steve

Yes, Stacy loves all musical genres, especially Country, Rock, and Blues. She's less enthusiastic about Opera, but she loves the visual spectacle.

She is constantly streaming music, and we enjoy going to concerts and Broadway shows.

Her love of music centers around being able to have fun singing along with the song, whereas I almost never hear the words because I'm too busy trying to analyze the song's harmonic and melodic structure.

I've tried to teach her to play the guitar a few times over the years, but she says I make it too "complicated," even though I attempted to make it fun. Lol

I even built her two guitars, one in her favorite color, blue, with a little female devil on it. 😎

Rock On! 🤘
Frank 🎸

Hi, Jason

Yeah, you have to treat patients like people because that's what they are!

They have feelings, opinions, concerns and fears about their health, play instruments, go fishing, have families, etc.

How can some physicians treat patients for years and not know about who they are as a people? Sometimes I think they don't realize that they actually have to talk to them with interest in what's happening in their day-to-day life.

In the "old days," a doctor treated an entire family; mother, father, children, aunts, and uncles. Now, things have become so impersonal with office answering machines, voice messages, emails, patient portals, and not seeing the same physician each visit - the person that knows you so well.

It's much more like a business and a lot less like a sacred doctor-patient relationship.

Just my opinion, but it's also what I do. 😎
Frank 🎸

Hi Frank,

That's exactly what I mean. As a child, we had the nicest guy as a family doctor. Now they are all so cold and clinical and get offended if you ask any questions etc.

I'm glad you stayed old school. :)



Me too, Jason! 😎

Jason,I love your awesome your storytelling in a form a predator hunting for Frank’s musical aspirations along with him being a medical doctor. 😎

Thank you :)

Yes and it can work for you too. The world doesn’t care about what you want. It cares about what it wants.
If you can figure out what it wants and you can provide it, you will become truly valuable and you will become the prize. .
There are 3 types of people in this world. The winners, the losers and those that haven’t figured out how to win yet

Hi Stephen,

Your mention of 3 types of people reminded me of a book by Robert Ringer, Winning Through Intimidation.

His description on the 3 types of folks in business is hilarious yet mostly accurate.

A must read despite the age of the book. I read it back in the 70's I think.



I impressed myself so much with that phrase, I wrote a blog
Reminds me of the old Remington electric shaver ad. I liked the product so much, I bought the company..
I liked my wife’s cooking 🧑‍🍳 so much I ……ouch…

A good post at that Stephen :)

Google is the real hunter, Soon they will have all the top posts on all the ideas. Maybe we should go back to helping people and not hunting them. The real love and light, not the predatory one.

Hi Veronica,

Helping others is one of the best tools of the hunter, which is why that is one of the weapons of choice in building a group around oneself. :)

Life is predatory, it's just the way it is. We all eat, we breathe etc. All predatory acts that displace and consume other forms.



It seems to me like predatory is a bad mindset to have and the goal of the hunt is to kill not help. Maybe it's just the choice of words that I am wondering about. Your post just has me thinking about things I guess. Thanks.

It's alright, there is definitely a negative connotation to the word, despite our dependence on it.

Without delving into religion, I would guess it is this exact dynamic that raises the most questions regarding the whys.



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