Freedom's Just Another Word

Last Update: November 06, 2020

It's official. I am declaring today Covid Free Friday,

Everybody have fun today, Or as the song says Everybody wang chung.

I wanted to write a blog post but I couldn't think of a topic. Yeah, like that ever stopped me. But I found the beginning of this one in my saved drafts of posts that I started to write and never did.

Do you save your drafts of stuff you might say later? Anyway I though this one would be appropriate because now it's Friday. And of course I hope it will be covid free for everybody. And there is an American flag. Maybe I started this on the 4th of July. No way to tell since the drafts don't have a date on them.

And I hope the flag continues to wave. And that's all I'll say about that before I get on a rant that would be against the rules here,

"She was an American girl, raised on promises."

I just hope the promises continued to be fulfilled. And not just for girls. Or Ameroans.

"Freedom's just another word for nothing left to lose."

Did you know that Janis Joplin went to high school with former Dallas Cowboys coach Jimmy Johnson? Both graduated from Thomas Jefferson High School in Port Arthur, Texas. I doubt if they ever dated. Or even were friends. Legenday guitarist Johnny Winter was from nearby Beaumont. Texas about the same time.

One of my earlier blogs here at WA was about music. With a concentraion on the blues leading up to rock and roll. I would have kept it up except for what is a blog about music without music. Turns out that the videos of even long dead legends like Robert Johnson and Muddy Waters are still under copywrite. Another good idea down the drain.

I thought about doing a blog about nothing. I searched for blogs about nothing. There are a few but they are not really about nothing, They are about the Seinfeld show. Which is my all time favorite sitcom.

And what kind of products would people who read a blog about nothing want to buy?

One full hour of nothing! But Wait! There's Not More. If you order withing the next 10 minutes I'll throw in an extra hour of nothing for nothing more. Order Now! Supplies are limited. When they're gone they're gone. This amazing offer may never be repeated.

And that, my friends is how you write a post about nothing. Be sure to get my book "When You Ain't Got Nothing You Got Nothing to Lose." Thousands sold for $197 but it's yours today for the never to be repeated price of only $97 and get my best selling Nothing from Nothing Leaves Nothing" A $1997 value absolutely FREE!

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ShaunnaLynne Premium
Won't you buy me a Mercedes Benz?
zydegeaux Premium
I used to have one. Most fun to drive car I ever had.
apache1 Premium Plus
You are spamming this community please take time to read the rules and delete the link and offer.
zydegeaux Premium
You cannot be serious. Do you really think that's a real ad or website? Might I suggest you start doing some funnybone excersizes. Also look up the word parody. You should find it online.