My progress!! =)

Last Update: January 15, 2015

So, I've finally made it to the end of course 2! I've been told to write a blog, so here it is!! =)

Since the beginning of 2015, I've really made a commitment to myself to get this business off the ground so I can begin travelling again, and make sure I'm creating the kind of life I want to live!! I'm ridiculously excited about the year ahead!! =D

I have to say, I'm really happy with the support I've received from this community, I feel as though my blog posts are coming to me fairly naturally, and I'm just genuinely enjoying this entire process!! Thank you WA!!

Over the next few months I really hope to get some consistent followers for my blog, and really inspire some people to get out there and live their dreams through following my steps/blog. I would be so happy to see the results of people I have inspired!! =D

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ZoeM Premium
Thank you all for your encouragement!! =D
Larry MaC Premium
That is great Zoe. I hope you continue to learn and grow here at WA. More importantly I hope you get some income from the efforts.
nathanpall99 Premium
Great work - keep it up!
gadifi Premium
I think you are on the right track or path and if you are excited then you must be doing something right and all you had to do is follow your heart with the hard work on your blog. With all the help you can't miss.
Manuel1947 Premium
It looks like your on your way for sure. Your in a great place that is for sure, you have great support that is for sure, and you have all the instruction you need that is for sure. Now that I have all the for sures out of the way. Oh here is tip : One of the steps we try to implement here at WA is having people visit sites and make quality content on the their site. Here is my site that needs some comments if your interested. Please leave your site as well and I will return the favor. That is for sure!