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March 24, 2016
Yayyyy!! I just got my very first commission payment of £94.21 from commission junction!! :D I'm soooo happy!! This stuff REALLY works!! :D :D :D
October 21, 2015
Hey guys... so, on Nov 1st, I'll be running the NYC marathon!!! :D I'm really excited as I'll be turning the trip into a mini holiday (of course - if you've read my blog you'll already know i'm an avid traveller ;) ) so, if any of you are from/have ever been to New York, please feel free to gimme some advice on sights to see/things to do/places to eat etc!! :DAlso (although I don't want anyone on here to feel pressured... or like I'm using this platform to promote my own stuff - I do appreciat
Hey friends!!So, I've really been getting the ball rolling with this stuff recently, and am actually loving building up my business - I'm learning so much!! Thank you all for being such a supportive and helpful community!! :D I'm so happy to be herrreee!!Anyway, if anyone's in the travel/personal-growth niche and is interested in my blog posts, I'll be keeping my social media pages up to date with my posts as much as possible... so I'd love for some of you guys to join my social media sites if
January 15, 2015
So, I've finally made it to the end of course 2! I've been told to write a blog, so here it is!! =) Since the beginning of 2015, I've really made a commitment to myself to get this business off the ground so I can begin travelling again, and make sure I'm creating the kind of life I want to live!! I'm ridiculously excited about the year ahead!! =D I have to say, I'm really happy with the support I've received from this community, I feel as though my blog posts are coming to me fairly naturall
January 12, 2015
Hey guys... any chance people could comment on my latest blog finding your calling about what their passions are in life? Would love to get some better google rankings up there!! =D Feel free to send a URL for one of your blog posts so I can return the favour!! Thank you all!! Zoe =)
I love Christmas!! and I love my family... but honestly - I feel as though they come home and try to give me their own "advice" - which is fine, it's how they've done things and how theyve found happiness - but it tells me that my vision is unrealistic and starts to make me doubt my abilities!! They tell me to steer clear of all this stuff... that it doesn't work and I'll never make money from it!! My family are exactly the kind of people I'm aiming to stop other people being influenced by in m
Hey guys... please could you check out my most recent blog and leave a comment on my site with your dreams/aspirations so I can get more of a community with some visitor engagement going here? Thank you all in advance!! Much love and Christmas wishes!! =) Zoe
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