July Update - Few Cool Milestones

Last Update: July 23, 2019

Hello everyone,

As you can see on the featured image, I have selected stones. Why? Simply because each stone represents certain achieved milestone. Big pile of stones will form a mountain over time which is exactly what we want.

In this post I would love to share some of my stones that I was able to put on the current stock.


What makes me happy about this milestone is that I was able to reach 100+ people a day organically for two days in a row. First time I have reached this number was in April so it took more than three months to get there.

Also, I have seen slight increase in traffic and this week I am averaging about 70-90 people a day. This is huge for me.

Regular Writing

I am happy to say that since June, I was able to write more less regularly and I have set myself a target of 500 words daily. This number is easily achievable by anyone, but guess what? 500 words times 30 days is 15,000 words per month. Now, this would be somewhat 8-12 articles.

I have currently 65 posts on the web and will finish post number 66 today. The goal is set to 100 by the end of 2019 at any cost. Even if I have to pay some service to get them articles going I will have 100 posts by 31st Dec 2019.

Graduation with First Class Honous

This month I have successfully received my university degree with First Class Honours. This is huge for me, but even bigger for my parents. I feel like they are happier than me about it.


Moneywise I can't tell that there was a big improvement. However, the cool thing is that I was able to generate income for 7 days in a row. Just have a look at this nice image below.

New Hosting

As lots of us have probably experienced this, there were some issues with WA hosting, and it went to such extent that I had to take measures and give my business love that it deserves in terms of hosting. As the result I have moved all my websites away from the WA and I am really happy now and can tell the difference. Not sure if this has affected my website traffic or not, but there was a definite spike in terms of speed and overall UX.

Outreach and Free Backlink

I have just dropped a quick email to one of the bloggers that I have found saying that I have related content that might be useful for their article and will compliment it, and that they are free to link to it. The very next day I have received an email saying that she has linked to it. YAY!

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SaraPoyner Premium
So great that you are reaching milestones! Sounds like your very hard work is paying off : )
Zenicek Premium
Thank you, well I wish I can call it hard work. I have high standards, so I feel like I am doing bear minimum of what I should.
SaraPoyner Premium
It's great to have high standards (I am guilty of that too), but be proud of what you are achieving, sounds like you were very busy passing a degree!!! I look forward to following your success in the future : )
JKulk1 Premium
Sounds like you're doing well. Jim
Zenicek Premium
Thank you Jim
Carson2 Premium
Run that race at your own pace. Sounds lie a great plan!
Zenicek Premium
Yes, everyone should select their own pace and stick to it.