Are you EATing you content?

Last Update: February 21, 2019

Hey there everyone,

Another day, another post!

You probably think right now something like this:

Are you out of your mind? What do you mean, am I eating my content?

Okay okay, let me explain myself first!

Of course, I didn't mean it literally that you are sat there in front of your desk and chewing the paper with printed content on it. It would be such a non-sense right?

What I mean is, the way of how we need to start creating our content.

As we all know it is getting harder and harder to start seeing traffic and those $$$ coming in from blogging as uncle Google is always watching us closely and puts a lot of effort to provide the best possible results to users.

And from the user point of view it does make sense, however, it makes a headache to us, internet marketers and bloggers as now we need to produce much more content and what is even more important much more in-depth content about the topic.

So, what does the acronym EAT mean?

E - Expertise
A - Authority
T - Trust

Now, what does it mean to us bloggers?

In a nutshell, it means that we need to be EXPERTS in our field, we need to have reputation thus AUTHORITY and we need to provide reliable information therefore people need to TRUST us.

I understand, that we cannot start a blog and have all of this straight from the beginning, but we can improve it over the time by reading more information about our topic which will increase our expertise, engaging with the community within the industry which will build the authority and I believe trust is something that will naturally flow from expertise and authority.

Recently, Google has confirmed that EAT is one of the major factors in order to be successfully ranked on the that golden spot #1.

I absolutely love this article written by Marie Haynes about EAT and I encourage you to have a read it yourself, I am pretty sure you'd be amazed.

You can find the article HERE

By this short but sweet post, I would like to start a discussion in the comment section below on about EAT.

Especially, I would love to hear what you are doing in order to be EAT compliant with your web.

More experienced marketers like Jay, Nathaniel, Dom, or Kyle and Carson can even provide tips on how you can work on your EAT online.

Looking forward to seeing your comments below.


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SondraM Premium

Thank you for introducing us to the EAT acronym and Marie Haynes. When I first read through your post, I felt like we are already largely being taught to build authority and trust by being helpful and producing quality content consistently.

After reading the article and Marie's comments, I am thinking a little differently.

I think that I need to revamp my about me page and my little bio. Currently, I have glossed over much of my professional experience in attempt to sound more "fun."

I also need to make it a goal to try to get published in one or more industry publications. As she Marie mentioned, a person can be a medical doctor but a doctor that has published articles will have more credibility.

Reading about EAT, also explains why my fun food website that provides cooking ideas did not suffer from any of the Google algorithm changes last year.

That sites topic is not classified by Google as a YMYL topic. People that are not experts in YMYL fields maybe should try to pick out niches that do not fall in those categories.

Since finance is one of those categories, the make money online niche marketers need to try to ensure they are demonstrating as much EAT as possible. Influencers and experts may become even more important.

As a regular Google user, at the end of the day, I am glad that Google is constantly trying to improve. I would much rather see content from authority sources rather than people pretending that they know what they are talking about.
Zenicek Premium
Hi Sondra,

That's amazing to read!!!

I am so glad that you have reflected on your perception of how we should create a content, and yes I absolutely agree that we need to provide value and no BS to our readers.

What also makes me sad is, despite the fact that WA teaches to create value, WA users are perceived in wider blogger community as a cult that writes negative reviews on most of other programmes and only promotes WA to get those commissions in.

If am being 100% honest I feel this way quite often as well. Especially, when I have reviewed quite a few websites of WA members where I can see the same pattern of content and huge button "Read My #1 Recommendation Instead", with negative review on other good but different programmes. This completely ruins the credibility for me as most of them feel like just trying to sell it.

Definitely make sure to outreach as much as you can and get you name visible.

Good luck with it.

SnazzyIT Premium
Nice! I am going to remember EAT from now on - thanks for sharing :)