Is Website Feedback A Waste of Everyone's Time?

Last Update: July 07, 2018

I have just gone through ALL the feedback I received for my websites from fellow colleagues here at Wealthy Affiliate since the time I started. The realisation that I have come this far due to unwavering support from community members is just overwhelming.

When I joined Wealthy Affiliate, the entire world of internet business and building websites was completely new to me. I didn't find the concept of ‘Giving Back to Community’ enticing at all. I thought the whole business of providing feedback and comments for sites was a sheer waste of time. These thoughts were reinforced by feelings of low self-esteem I had then, which have since vanished. I didn’t believe I could help anyone, let alone be able to leave some constructive feedback on anyone's website.

The awesome training here at Wealthy Affiliate coupled with mingling with like-minded people, has given me a confidence boost. In the true pay-it-forward system, I want to encourage someone today. Aim to achieve your set goals and don't lose your focus.

However, spare a moment here and there just to give back to the community. Help someone who might be contemplating to throw-in the towel. Remind them that running an internet business is not something that can be achieved overnight but you will get there in the end, moving forward step by step.

Do you believe providing website feedback is a waste of everyone's time?

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Lazyblogger Premium Plus
Feedback is just feedback. We have to leave it as what it really is and not get too carried away. Some we take others we toss and a few we put on the back burner. Just saying! If we stay inline with WA lessons and the Fridays webinars, we should fine.
ZEGU Premium
Hello, Bishop, thank you very much for sharing your opinion.

Lessons and webinars are important too. That reminds me of last night's webinar on website feedback. It was an eye opener to all the bad habits I had become so comfortable with.
chender684 Premium
Feedback is critical, even from newbies. They may have thoughts just like your readers. And then the experienced feedback providers are going to give you more technical feedback that is needed.
If a person cannot handle constructive criticism, they probably shouldn't ask for feedback.
Best of luck to all!
ZEGU Premium
Hello, Curtis, thanks so much for responding.
Indeed constructive feedback which leads to our improvements is what we are after.
ixfx Premium
Most people on the platform are beginners so they don't really know what goes into creating a converting website. Most people you will see that gives great feedback are experienced designers or marketers.

Its kind of a silly concept to ask beginners to give beginners advice on something outside of minor things like does this content read well or does the site look aesthetically pleasing and what not.

I love how they implement the community into everything which is the main reason I like it here. They just need to be careful on having the blind leading the blind.
ZEGU Premium
Hello, James, thanks so much for your response.

About 'the blind leading the blind' you have a good point.
However, I think if everyone is involved in giving feedback, (the experienced members including the newbies), it represents the picture on the ground more in terms of our website visitors.

We get visitors from all walks of life (experienced and not so experienced). So, by allowing everyone to participate in providing feedback, its the same as viewing our websites from the perspective of a visitor. This helps us to change things on our sites to make the experience on our pages better.

I don't know what others here would suggest.
jghwebbrand Premium

I agree with your post. Having a second set or multiple set of eyes looking at your website is very helpful. As newbies start their journey with WA and online marketing, this extra step not only helps but enriches all of us.

Thank you for this timely post!

Best wishes,

ZEGU Premium
Hello, George, thanks for leaving some comments.
I agree with you, two heads are better than one. We see things from different angles. All the best!
eliteam1 Premium
I don't think is waste of time. We all need the response and to see how others see our work so we can improve our selves.
ZEGU Premium
Hello, Elizabeta, thanks for responding. I agree on that, we depend on each other.