Is Using A Content Planning Tool A Sheer Waste of Time?

Last Update: October 03, 2018

Its an undeniable fact that here at Wealthy Affiliate we are so lucky to have access to some of the most advanced tools in the world. Sitecontent is one of the tools I value so much. We all can use it at any time for writing our beautiful content crucial for our business success.

How important is sitecontent for you?

How important sitecontent tool is depends on you. As for me, I can't do without this tool. Knowing that CONTENT plays a centre stage in my internet business opened my eyes. Content can make it or break it.

Its not just good content I am supposed to write but I have to write it in large quantities. Not many of us have the descipline to write content which meets these requirements. Also, writing it consistently and continously.

I have been using SiteContent for quite a while now. It has really helped me to remain focused to achieve my set goals . For example, writing content with a set target of 1000 words, 6 paragraphs, 5 headings.

People being people. We share basic values, and fundamental goals and we have our own shortcomings. There are days I have woken up and had this feeling I can get away with writing a 500- word post. Why not - there are plenty people out there doing it?

The good thing about writing your content on the SiteContent platform is that you get a stark reminder in front of you. A reminder of the number of words you set yourself to write - not words someone decided for you. That has tamed me. I don’t think without this tool I would have come this far with 74, 056 all-time words written.

I am just curious to know how many of us are making use of the tools we have at our disposal. We learn and get motivated by each other's experiences.

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kpercival55 Premium
Thanks Zegu,
I use site content all the time, I like the tracking tools.
ZEGU Premium
Thanks, Kyle Ann, for sharing.
I also find it a really useful tool.
Karin13 Premium
I use site content fairly exclusively because I like to see that I am writing enough words. Funny thing is that I will often look up and see that I am over my goal! It depends on the story, but most of them are at least 1000, although sometimes I can tell the story with less so I do.

Best wishes,
Karin :)
ZEGU Premium
Wow, that's so impressive.
It's a matter of time - one day it's all going to pay off!
Thanks, Karin, for sharing.
dalwhu Premium
I like using site content so I can keep an eye on my word count and I like using the images, I’ve typed 18000 words this week so for and written 10 articles.

I tend to do my final editing on my websites dashboard though using grammerly.

This works for me and I think that’s also important to find the system you feel comfortable with.
ZEGU Premium
Thanks, Darren, for the insight into how you do it.
I also do the final touches on my website using the Grammarly tool.
I have noticed that if I want to tweak my font if I copy it from SiteContent and paste on my website, it works well.
DerekMarshal Premium
Personally I don't like the site content tool. It's useless and no point in using it vs Doing the same job direct on my site.
ZEGU Premium
Thanks, Derek, for sharing your experience in using the tool.
Godsmack12 Premium
Yes site content is a great tool.
ZEGU Premium
Glad to hear that, David. Thanks for responding.